3 foods you should be eating if you are vegan

Despite knowing alot about nutrition – not as much as i would like to though! – all the different vitamins and minerals and their functions and where to find them can still be a struggle to keep them all separated. The different vitamins and minerals and their functions as well as which foods to find them in are all very similar so it’s not so strange to get them mixed up sometimes. So yesterday in my free time i decided to make a little “cheat sheet” with all the vitamins, minerals as well as the fatty acids and their functions as well as what vegan foods to find them in, so that i can have that as a little backup in the future hahah.

However when making that list i realised that there were 3 foods that had alot of the necessary vitamins and minerals and should definitely be in your diet if you are a vegan.

First off, you dont *have to* eat them, but it would be good if you did. And second, i don’t eat 2 of these foods on a regular basis and my reason for that is that it is expensive, but now im thinking i might need to invest in them on a regular basis anyway because of their nutritional value and benefit!

*Source… from my school book, Näringslära för högskolan.

First off, Chia seeds!

They contain niacin, pyridoxin, biotin, phosphorous, magnesium, iron,calcium as well as omega 3 fatty acids.  And not to mention they are a source of protein and fiber, and the recommendation for omega fatty acids is just 1tbs chia seeds (however double the amount is recommended for a vegan as they can often have higher amounts of omega 6 from their diet rich in leafy greens and vegetable oils). However, you do need to soak the chia seeds for the nutrition to be fully absorbed. So use in baking as a chia egg or make chia pudding!


Second: Almonds

They are a source of riboflavin, pyridoxin, biotin, vitamin E, iron, manganese, protein and fiber! But also fortified almond milk can contain b12, vitamin D and calcium!


Third: Tofu.

I’ve already written a post about tofu and its nutritional benefits, here: Tofu – Why eat it? Tofu contains all 8 essential amino acids making it a complete protein source but also contains iron, calcium, manganese, selenium, phosphorous and is also a source of coppar, zinc, b1 and magnesium. And as it is fermented people with IBS can often eat it without stomach pain!




And of course, eating beans, lentils, vegetables, fruit as well as oats and nuts and seeds is recommended daily and taking a b12 supplement and even an algae omega 3 & 6 supplement can be beneficial! And in colder countries taking a vitamin D supplement is recommended, but make sure to talk to your doctor first!

Also the best way to eat is varied, this means you get all the nutrients and vitamins you need, because as you can see… even if chia seeds, almonds and tofu are amazing foods they don’t contain all the vitamins and minerals you need. So by varying what seeds and nuts you eat as well as protein source and different grains and beans and vegetables you will get all the nutrients you need, hopefully!

*Also excuse the *clickbait* title, hahaha. 🙂

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  1. Should you vary the foods you eat on a meal by meal basis? How do you vary the foods you eat enough to ensure you are getting all the correct nutrition? This all sounds rather complicated and appears that you have to be eating an awful lot of food to ensure you are getting the right vitamins and minerals. How do you plan it out?


    1. It’s not as complicated as you think. Infact people try to complicate food and eating more than is necessary. Example buy 3 different forms of vegetables each week and 3 different fruit forms. And have maybe chia seeds and walnuts one week and sunflower seeds and almonds the next week 🙂 as long as you eat varied over the week i.e that you don’t eat the same thing twice a day everyday… Example if you meal prep, make 3 different types of meals for the whole week so that you don’t just eat the same type of food the whole week. If this makes sense 🙂


      1. Thanks – this makes it sound a lot simpler!


  2. whatsbeancooking says:

    Great article – all great sources of nutrition!! You will have to try and combine these into one dish – not sure quite how that would work though!!


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