Nutritional yeast – what is it and why use it?

Nutritional yeast, or so called nooch by many vegans, seems to be a staple food item in many vegans pantry. And these is a good reason for that!

Despite nutritional yeast being yeast it is not activated like bakers yeast, meaning that it will not grow/feed on sugar inside of you and also won’t lead to Candida infection which is often caused by yeast/yeast intake.

So why use nutritional yeast? 

Well it is filled with B vitamins and some brand even add b12 to their nutritional yeast. Of course if you eat varied you most likely aren’t lacking any b vitamins as most people get enough b vitamin through a varied diet and eating eniugh vegetables. But i also need to add, something I’ve noticed many people aren’t aware of, That if you heat up the nutritional yeast example making a sauce or adding to a hot dish, the b vitamins will become inactive and won’t “work” in your body. So my best advice is to not eat the nutritional yeast for the sake of the b vitamins but because you like the taste. However if you add it to cold dishes and the brand you are using has included b12 then it could be a source of b12 even if the amount actually absorbed may be less than what is stated.

Nutritional yeast is also a source of protein and fiber as well as being gluten and soy free, For those who need to avoid soy and gluten. 

The recommendation is c.a 2tbs per day and that amount can be up to 100% of your b vitamin intake if eaten cold.

Can you overdose? Well it’s only b vitamins and excess b vitamins you just pee out. However too much of anything isn’t good. And according to new studies too high b vitamin intake over long time could infact lead to negative health consequences in the future. Just like a moderate dose of c vitamin acts like an antioxidant but far too much c vitamin has the negative consequences and becomes a prooxidant. So too much of a good thing may not be good at all! So even if there may not seem to be any obvious side effects from consuming 0,5dl nutritional yeast a day, my advise is to not try it! 
What does nutritional yeast taste like? How to use it? It has a sort of cheesy/parmesan taste so can be used in sauces or in savoury dishes such as making Mac and cheese, on top of pasta or rice or potatoes. On top of vegetables or just wanting to add a sort of nutty-cheese taste! Some people even eat it on oatmeal, I have yet to try that! I have even eaten it right out of the bag with a spoon, however not to be recommended because of the reason above! Too much may not be a good thing!

So… if you haven’t yet tried nooch, do it! You might just find a new favourite food item!

Also it’s relatively cheap, low kcal, a flavour boost to your meals as well as being nutritious!!

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  1. Your post has made me so curious of nutritional yeast I have ordered some from amazon and now I can`t wait to try it for myself!
    Are there any other “unusual” / new vegan foods that you have that I should know about? I love exploring new tastes!


  2. Well my package of nutritional yeast arrived from amazon and its great! It says on the tub that you can put it in drinks or in water – have you tried it like this? Apart from veggies, what do you put it on?


    1. Oh what do you think of nutritional yeast? You can have it anything really… pasta, rice, potatoes, as part of a sauce, on bread, making vegan cheese, the list goes on!! 🙂


      1. So far I have tried it sprinkled on rice (not so good), on veggies – delicious and on a baked potato, which I think was the best! Going to try it on pasta next to see if that encourages me to want to eat pasta more often as not a great lover. This is definitely a keeper so thanks for the info about it 🙂


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