Autumn foods: Ideas on what to do/how to cook root vegetables

It is getting colder and darker and for most people that can feel like a negative thing. But i want to choose to see the positives and instead focusing on that autumn also means root vegetable season! That means, cheap, in season root fruits which are both nutritious and delicious as well as being good to eat environmentally, ethically and are cheap so perfect for most people to buy and make as long as they have an oven!


Which vegetables are root vegetables?

Beetroots, sweet potato, parsnip, turnip, carrots, horseradish, onions, kohlrabi are some of them!

Why eat root vegetables?
They have a lot of fiber which is both good for your digestion, helps you feel full as well as help to control blood sugar, and the fiber can be broken down and used by your gut bacteria. They are also a source of C vitamin, anti oxidants, B vitamin, A vitamin (specifically sweet potato and carrots) as well as iron.

So what to do with root fruits?

*no actual recipes, but i can make and post actual recipes of some of these dishes if you like. Now it is just ideas what you can do 🙂


The easiest way is to just chop the root fruits into desired shape and size and then add some seasoning, salt and oil and then bake in the oven. However remember that beets and carrots often need longer cooking time than potatoes or turnips!

Second is similar to the first, but that you make fries out of the vegetables – so you cut them into thin, long fry size shapes. Then lay them on pan with baking paper and don’t let the fries touch each other. Optional is to coat them with some corn flour and oil before hand to make them crispy.

Third, make crisps out of them. Slice very thinly or use a mandolin and then bake in the oven. Recipe for this will be coming!

Make a red lentil and vegetable soup. When cooking lots of vegetables like this, it is important to think of which vegetables should be placed into the water first! Example ingredients, red lentils, vegetable stock, vegetables and if you like maybe some tofu and coconut milk as well.

Make a creamy vegetable soup such as sweet potato soup or beet root soup where you puree it all when it is finished cooking!

Make juice out of the beet roots, carrot, ginger!

You can roast or steam the veggies and make a salad out of them, adding salad and something crunchy such as roasted seeds or nuts, some croutans and some sauce!

Make hummus: Carrot hummus, beet root hummus, sweet potato hummus… the list goes on.

You can make a vegetable pie with them. Make the base/crust and then make the filling which can be root fruits, mix of tofu, oat cream and then bake in the oven!

And dont forget about the desserts such as sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie, or rawfood bars/balls with carrot, ginger or beetroot. Bread or muffins using the root fruits!


These were just the ideas i could think of now, but i can of course share actual recipes if you want 🙂 

Do you like root fruits? Do you have a favourite way to eat root fruits?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. How would you make carrot hummous? And if you`re making a pie, would you cook the veggies first before you put them in the pastry case?
    I love parsnips when they come into season properly – especially mashed. And I think winter potatoes make better jacket potatoes than in the summer because their skins are so different and they have more flavour!
    Great ideas for veggies – going to try oven baking them , I always tend to boil mine so it will be interesting to see how different they are baked!


    1. With the carrot hummus you can either boil the carrots and add to the mix or just grate some carrot into the mix! With the pie, I would slightly pre boil the veggies before adding to the pie base. But they don’t have to be fully cooked as they will cook in the oven as well!


  2. oh – and some recipes using root veggies would be great 🙂


    1. I’ll try post some recipes asap!! Just got to find the time haha


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