Vegan chocolate brands 

Chocolate…. who doesn’t love it? (Ok, i know that many don’t and that always leaves me wondering, How could you not like chocolate?But some people are more salty-snacks type of people and thats ok as well!)

Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you have to live your life without chocolate, thankfully! However, the amount of chocolate bar types you can actually buy lessens compared to the dairy chocolate amount. But also there arent as many “exciting” and different flavoured vegan chocolate bars which is a little disappointing according to me. I would love a toffee-nut vegan chocolate bar or an oreo vegan chocolate bar or more exciting flavour combinations, but i am happy over the fact that vegan chocolate exists!



First off, lactose free chocolate does not mean vegan.

Second, most dark chocolate is vegan and even some dark baking chocolate is vegan. So accidently vegan chocolate.

Image result for vegan chocolate bars
Most commonly found “accidentally vegan” chocolate bar. However as it is made in the same factory as dairy chocolate it is not marketed or branded as vegan.

And then there is raw chocolate bars which are often the very expensive chocolate bars which are of course raw and most often organic


Image result for vegan chocolate bars
Have not tried this chocolate bar as they are often very expensive.

Image result for vegan chocolate bars

Image result for loving earth chocolate
Photo source:    -> This chocolate is one of the best vegan chocolate’s ive tasted and often on the higher price scale, but worth it!


And then there is the vegan branded chocolate such as ichoc,  Vego, Moo free.

Image result for vegan chocolate bars
(All of these flavours are amazing according to me!)


Image result for vegan chocolate bars
This is one of my favourite vegan chocolate bars, however it is also on the expensive side, however definitely worth it!
Related image
I have not tried this chocolate bar, so have no review.


Image result for vegansk choklad
One of my favourite vegan chocolates. Unsure if they are available outside of Sweden though. picture source:

Vegan chocolate: Lindt dark chocolate is vegan (not the flavoured ones! Double check the ingredients, but from 70% up it should be ok)

Image result for vegan chocolate bars
Picture Source:


There are some “candy bar” vegn chocolates, photo below, which i have never tasted but supposedely they are very good and they can be bought on vegan

Image result for vegan chocolate bars


Where you can buy the chocolate depends on where you live. Most often health food stores sell vegan chocolate or if you have any solely vegan food stores in your area. Otherwise Amazon or Iherb are great options to check out and see if they sell and ship to your country!

Also i am sure there are plenty more vegan chocolate brands, but these were the ones i could think of now and i will make a part 2 when i find more brands!

12 Comments Add yours

  1. That ichoc orange and almond is just delicious!! Great post – I am a fellow chocolate lover!!


    1. Yesss!!! I love the ichoc chocolate 😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lily says:

    The Italian brand Perugina also sells vegan chocolate, at least their high percentage dark chocolates are surely vegan:)


    1. I’ve never heard that brand! But that’s great!!!


  3. This was great – a real help so thank you. My partner brought me a vegan chocolate bar yesterday made by planil – he found it in a health food shop but they are so expensive! way higher in price than the standard dairy confectionary.
    The Llindt bars I never thought of so I`m going to check them out when I next go shopping. And would I be right in thinking Bournville (dark chocolate) is vegan?
    I wish we had the variety that you have in Sweden – but I`m going to look on Amazon and see what they have there 🙂


    1. I don’t know the ingredients of the bournville chocolate but usually dark chcolate is vegan unless they manage to sneak in some unnecessary milk powder :/ usually the typical vegan branded chocolate is more expensive than the accidently vegan chocolate!


  4. Josephine says:

    VEGO is the best imo! But the Ichoc ones are suuuuper godo too! I did buy one of those Moo chocolates and can inform you their not nice haha :p


    1. Hahaha I might not buy the Moo chocolate then. But VEGO is definitely amazing!!


  5. Apparently Fry`s dark chocolate cream bars are vegan – so if you are in the UK (not sure if you get these in other countries) this is one “standard” confectionary that you can buy that won`t break the bank!
    Also, would it be possible do you think to “make” your own vegan chocolate bars by melting down plain bars and adding things like nuts/dried fruits/flavourings? Or is this a non starter?


    1. I’ve never heard of that chocolate brand! But usually typical dark chocolate ones are vegan 🙂 oh yes that works as well 🙂 I’ve made chocolate covered nuts and dried fruit before by doing that 🙂


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