Chocolate – coffee oatmeal

When it comes to making oatmeal, you can make so many different flavour combinations. If you don’t like the taste of oatmeal, you can add fruit,berries, sweetener, cooconut, some form of milk, nuts, nut butters, protein powder, cacao powder and the list goes on! And if you don’t like the texture you can try overnight oats or baking oats or even making banana and oat pancakes or cookies with oats!


Oats are a whole grain food with alot of nutritional benefits making it an amazing food to eat!

Oats have lots of fiber as well as beta glucans which is a soluble fiber that can reduce LDL cholesterol, reduce blood sugar and insulin response as well as having a positive effect on your gut bacteria. Oats are also a source of iron, zinc, magnesium, folate, b1, b5 as well as contains smaller amounts of other vitamins and minerals. Oats also have a good amount of protein and fat as well as having antioxidants. (source X )

So if you weren’t already eating oats, i would suggest you do add them to your diet!

Are oats gluten free? Yes they should be. However if you do have celiac then choosing gluten free oats could be recommended due to the cross contamination which could hppen in the factory. If you are just eating gluten free because you are slightly sensitive to gluten or you think you should eat gluten free, then i would advise to eat normal oats as they contain little to no gluten and would just be traces of gluten if any.

I didnt think i would post this “recipe” as it isn’t much of a recipe at all, but it seems that even these small “not really a recipe – recipe” posts are appreciated anyway. Because even if it may not seem complicated i think it gives inspiration. So i will try to post the small recipes as well even if it’s just like mix cacao with oats and water 🙂

Recipe for chocolate coffee oatmeal.

1,5dl oats (60g)

cacao powder c.a 1 tbs

1-2 espresso shots or c.a 50ml

Sweenter and/or vanilla powder

Water c.a 1-2dl (100-200ml). (or as much/little as you would like to get the righ consistency.)

Optional: Add protein powder into the mix (best to do it after it is cooked and has cooled down a little as the heat can destroy the protein.) Also can substitute the water for milk instead or add in berries or chocolate chips or nut butter etc into the mix 🙂

Cook on medium heat, keep stirring and then when done, top with your favourite toppings, eat and enjoy!


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  1. This looks great – I would never have thought of using coffee as an oatmeal flavouring.
    I love your small recipes and suggestions as they give me lots of new ideas of different ways of eating/preparing food so I hope you keep doing them 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you like them! I never really thought about it before either but it’s worth a shot anyway if you like coffee and oatmeal!


  2. could you do a small recipe on how to eat avocados – how to prepare them etc ?


    1. Hmmm…. I usually just eat avocados as they are or as guacamole so don’t have any recipes to use/eat them unfortunately 😕


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