Cinnamon swirl pancakes – vegan

Yesterday while i was trying to get some work done i began thinking about freshly baked cinnnamon buns – one of the best baked goods i know! I am not much for store bought buns or cakes or cookies, and i didn’t have the ingredients or energy to make my own cinnamon buns – i’ll save that for a rainy “got nothing else to do” day.  So instead i resorted to making cinnamon swirl pancakes!


The recipe i used for the pancakes is:


3 dl flour.

6dl water or vegan milk (or 3dl oat milk and 3dl water)

All of the aquafaba from 1 package of chickpeas. Or c.a 0,5-1dl.

Salt and sugar/sweetner.

1 tbs melted vegan butter.

Mix it all together, add more liquid if necessary. Add cinnamon or vanilla powder if you like and then fry using oil/vegan margarine or without anything if you use a non stick frying pan 🙂


And for the cinnamon part i mixed together c.a 50ml of partially melted butter, c.a 0,5-1dl brown sugar and c.a 1,5heaping tablespoons cinnamon. I then put that mix into a clear “frosting bag”, but a zip bag works just as well, and then i placed it into the fridge for c.a 15-20 minutes so that the mix would harden and not be liquid

Then i proceeded to make the pancakes and cut the corner of the frosting bag so that i could pour a little of the mixture into a swirl form on one side of the pancake when frying!

My best tip, fry on medium heat and let one side be fully cooked until you flip it… otherwise the sugar from the cinnamon mix will burn in your frying pan and you want to avoid that!

Hopefully this recipe makes sense… but you could just add a whole bunch of cinnamon and more melted butter into the actual pancake mix and skip the whole “swirl” part, but i kind of liked doing this! And i must admit, cinnamon and sugar pancakes are extremely good!



Changes to the recipe? I am sure you can use sweetner and coconut oil instead of butter and sugar, as well as replacing white flour for another form of flour… but then the pancakes may not turn out as good as different flavours have different qualities when cooking and you may need more or less liquid depending on what flour you substitute! Or you could just make banana and oat pancakes and add extra cinnamon, sweetner and coconut oil!!




7 Comments Add yours

  1. Niteshkumar says:

    It’s yummylicious…
    Thank you for recipe…
    You can also visit for more such delicious recipes at


  2. Thanks for this recipe – they look and sound delicious!
    I love baked bananas and cinnamon so I`m definitely going to try these out.


    1. If you try these out let me know 🙂 bananas and cinnamon is a winning concept!!


      1. We had these at the weekend! They turned out really well and we both liked the cinnamon swirl – I used gluten free flour, egg replacer and half cashew nut milk and half water which made the mix extra creamy! Definitely make these again 🙂


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