Life update 1


As promised in my previous post i thought i would begin writing more updates about myself and my life on here! I know there are many new followers on here who most likely know nothing about me or who i am, but i will write about myself as if you know who i am, hahah. Instead you can ask questions if you are curious about anything or maybe i will do a 20 facts about me post so you can get to know the person behind the blog more 🙂

And for those who are only interested in vegan posts or recipes, there will still be plenty of those and focus on those types of posts but i will be implementing more personal posts both about myself, studying nutrition as well as posts about mental health as i do struggle with anxiety and in the past have struggled with both eating disorders and depression. So maybe some posts about that and who knows… maybe there will even be vlogs in the future, you never know what the future of social media will go!

So, update in my life!

Ive been back to school for c.a 3 weeks now and i am currently in the second year of my 3 year university program. The course i am currently studying is statistics and scientific research, two things which i am not so interested in. This course has entailed alot of work with article reading, literature reading, many assignments and obligatory seminars as well as lectures, so it has been long school days leaving me feeling mentally tired. Also i am not overly motivated for this course and am instead looking forward to my upcoming courses which will be more about nutrition, coaching, public health, epidemics etc So that is what is keeping me motivated with school work at the moment as it is not overly exciting to sit and work with statistics and article research and essay writing.


Outside of school i am still going to the gym regularly, going for walks and listening to a whole bunch of podcasts! Also spending time with friends and feel like the city i live in is definitely my home city and the place i love. I have my life here and am so thankful that i made the decision to move here last year, even if it meant packing as much as i could into 3 bags and moving to a new city i had only been to once in my life. It was a step outside of my comfort zone, but one of the best decisions i have made. Studying something i love, having amazing friends, and feeling like i am creating my life as best i can.

It is lonely at times though, i must admit i do feel lonely and can miss my family and my dog who live in another city. But for the most part i am happy. I have telephone contact with my family and try my best to meet friends each week and do something as well as keeping myself busy with online work and school work so i don’t feel too lonely.


What about anxiety and my mental health? I am doing good mentally. I haven’t had any anxiety or panic attacks recently. Or well, i have had very bad anxiety certain evenings however it hasn’t been a full blown panic or anxiety attack, just that uncomfortable, heavy-feel like creeping out of my own skin feeling. But with the help of walking and podcasts i have been able to deal with it. I do however notice that i am feeling more tired, slow, unmotivated and just generally more low now when it is getting colder and darker and i blame that on S.A.D. I have no official diagnosis and i have not self diagnosed but i have all the symptoms of it and something i have noticed i get symptoms of each autumn/winter for the past 5 years or more. So i just try my best to be kind to myself and know that i do struggle more during autumn and winter when its colder and darker. Remember to take my D vitamin, eat plenty of fruit, drink enough water and get  active each day as well as trying to establish good sleeping routines but i have yet to actually follow that sleeping routine, instead i have been up until around 2 am and then waking up at 8am or 9am in the morning. But  i have found that i am alot more effective at night, not so sure why.


Otherwise there is not much new or anything going on in my life. It is school that is taking up most of my time but making sure to prioritize the gym, friends and time for rest as well as time to bake or cook as that is very therapeutic for me!

So, i will try to do some weekly updates if you are interested in that and don’t forget to leave questions if you have anyway 🙂

And leave topic suggestions if you have some 🙂



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  1. Fredrika says:

    Jag är en ganska ny läsare och jag tycker om att läsa om veganism, nutrition och recept men det ska också bli jättekul att få veta lite mer om dig som person! Jag har inte några specifika önskemål eller frågor utan vill nog bara att du ska skriva om din vardag och dina tankar och sånt som du gillar att dela med dig av. Hoppas att du får en fin helg!


    1. Tack så mycket 🙂 Vad glad jag blir att du vill följa min blogg 🙂 Jag kommer skriva om lite allt möjligt och försöka skriva mer om veganism och typ olika vegan produkter och så för att hjälpa nya veganer 🙂 Hoppas du också får en bra helg!


  2. Have you ever thought of getting one of those special light bulbs to help with your symptoms of SAD? I have heard they are very effective and not at all intrusive, you could have it on your desk whilst you worked/watched television etc.
    I`m glad to hear your studies are going well for you and you are getting to spend time with your friends too. Thankyou for the update, I have often wondered how you were getting on 🙂


  3. Hi Izzy – Have you any advice/tips to deal with anxiety? I mean to try and stop rising anxiety feelings before they go any further? What do you do?
    Any advice you can give on this would be so helpful, thank you 🙂


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