Would i date a non vegan? Personality or looks?

A question i recently received was, would i date a non vegan. And second part of the question was, does personality or looks matter more to me?

Lifestyle updates-! (3)

So lets start off with the first part of the question. Would i date a non vegan? And the answer is yes… but then the person has to be understanding about my choices and beliefs and  has to atleast be willing to eat vegan meals, i.e can’t expect me to cook meat for them or can’t expect to take out to eat at a steak house and be ok with it. I have realized that there aren’t as many male vegans out there as i would like and well, i am not going to say no to attraction or liking someone just because they aren’t vegan. Instead i think, if they can accept my choices then who knows… maybe i can manage to convert that person to eat more plant based and eventually go vegan? I mean wouldn’t that be better, hahah.

I can’t force someone to eat vegan and my friends eat meat and dairy around me so i’m “ok” with it. Of course i would prefer if they didn’t, but i have accepted that this is reality and instead i can inspire people and my friends and family are eating more plant based and willing to try plant based food and that is good enough. I don’t know who i will end up dating in the future, but i don’t think i could date someone who needs to eat meat at every meal or who would try to laugh at my choices or belittle me… but then again, i don’t think i would even get to the stages of dating someone who feels that way about vegans, and i don’t think i would want that type of person in my life.

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And to answer the second part of the question, looks or personality?

Let’s be honest, before you know a person the only thing you can judge them on is looks… If i don’t know a person, all i can see is their appearance and i am more attracted to guys who workout and have a fit body. However, what matters most to me is personality. I have talked to guys who are all about fitness, but that is all they are… they are just sort of their body and no personality and that gets a little tiring when you can’t talk to them because they are just their appearance if that makes sense. So if a person’s personality sucks, then it doesn’t matter how they look because their personality is awful.

What i think i am most attracted to is people who take care of them selves, and that often means working out in some form. But also people i can talk to… being able to joke with them but also have deeper conversations. Personality matters to me, the person has to be kind, caring and just a nice person, but of course having a body they take care of is always a plus according to me, hahah. Also it would be fun to be able to workout and go to the gym with my future partner!

What is your opinion on this? If you are a vegan, could you date a non vegan? And do looks matter to you or just personality?


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  1. Fredrika says:

    Personlighet är viktigast för mig och jag blir aldrig riktigt intresserad av någon förrän jag har pratat lite med dem. Men sedan är det ju också så att personligheten till viss del avspeglas i utseendet åtminstone om man med utseende även menar hållning, minspel, kroppsspråk, ögonkontakt osv.


    1. Jo men precis, jag måste lära känna någon innan jag tycker om dem… men utseende kan få en “intresserad” av att lära känna personen bättre. Men personlighet väger tyngst… ingen ide att vara med någon som är dryg och har tråkig personlighet bara för att dem anses snygg! haha


      1. Fredrika says:

        Jag förstår hur du menar! Det lustiga är att för mig går det ganska ofta åt motsatt håll. Dvs att de första gångerna jag träffar en person lägger jag inte direkt märke till utseendet eller ser den inte som en potentiell partner, sedan fastnar jag för personligheten och då plötsligt börjar jag tycka att personen ser bra ut. Har varit så för dig någon gång?


  2. Laura says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem to date a non-vegan, but he should definitely understand that I don’t eat meat/dairy/eggs. He shouldn’t try to convert me into a meat eater and he shouldn’t make fun of my choice to be a vegan. I also think that the personality is more important than the look. However if someone really is not my type of guy than I don’t think I could be in a relationship with him.


  3. katiehanson says:

    My boyfriend is not vegan but he respects my choices and actually checks labels on things to find me new foods! He doesn’t expect me to cook meat for him and has even started eating more vegetarian foods since we’ve lived together.


  4. I think personality and character are far more important than looks alone although I agree that has to be something about someone for you to be attracted to them in the first place, especially if meeting them for the first time rather than getting to know them first and then having a relationship as a result. I believe it is possible to date a non vegan providing you can both respect each others choices of how they choose to eat, a bit of give and take on both sides.
    When I first met my partner it was his voice – of all things – that I was attracted to initially, I just loved the way he spoke and the tone of voice he had! So attraction definitely comes in all manner of shape and form!


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