Meatless Monday recipe: Cinnamon baked sweet potato and home made hummus

I thought i would start with a new weekly “trend” post which will be a Meatless Monday recipe each Monday. Of course there will also be recipes throughout the week, but i will try my best to post a recipe each Monday which will encourage you to go meat free either that day or throughout the week 🙂


I unfortunately haven’t done much recipe testing lately and my the autumn inspired root vegetable meals didn’t go so well as i just baked them in the ovenand didn’t do anything new. But i thought i would share my new favourite which is cinnamon baked sweet potato and a hummus recipe!

Sweet potato:

Chop into small pieces, or whatever size/shape you like.

Add salt, cinnamon and can add sugar/sweetener if you are going to eat it as a sweet dish, otherwise skip the sweetner. Add oil such as coconut oil. Mix together and place on a baking sheet.

Into the oven c.a 20-25 minutes on 225 degrees.

Extremely simple to make but also my favourite way to eat sweet potato. The crunch and softness, it never fails!


The recipe for hummus:

1 can chickpeas (minus the brine), c.a 350-400g

Tahini, 2-3 tbs (should be a runny tahini)

Garlic cloves c.a 2-3 

Lemon juice, c.a 1-2 tsp 

Olive oil, c.a 100ml

Salt for taste and can add coriander & cumin etc

Mix it all together in a food processor until it is smooth i.e shouldnt have “solid” pieces of chickpeas left, so mixing time can vary from  2 minutes to 5 minutes or more!

And you can find more ways/flavours to make hummus HERE


I combined the baked sweet potato and hummus to make an incredibly good salad consisting of salad leaves, sweet corn, beet root, avocado and a peanut butter “dressing”.

It doesn’t have to harder than this to make a delicious and filling meal. I also ate bread with more hummus to compliment this meal, which is a good way of protein combining as well as increasing the calories and protein intake of the meal. Otherwise you could always add some beans and/or tofu as well as some crisp bread or crackers to make it more of a “complete” meal!

Hopefully my weekly Meatless Monday recipe will inspire you to eat less meat and more vegan alternatives 🙂

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  1. This sounds really delicious!
    I think its a great idea to post a weekly “meatless Monday” recipe as I`m always looking for inspiration 🙂
    Going to try this combo of cinnamon and sweet potato for sure, so thankyou for the idea!


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