Morning walks – starting the day in a positive way 

One of the best ways to start the day, according to me, is a morning walk. Or well, first off a morning cup of coffee or two and have some time to just scroll through social media, check my mail, do some thinking and planning of my day and when all that is done, it is just to go out and walk.

Walking is one of the best therapeutic activities i know. I love walking and do quite a bit of walking in my daily life, i.e walking to the gym/home from the gym and somedays walking to school. However that is more “transport” walking and even if i love it, it is not AS therapeautic as just going out for a walk and all i have is my keys, phone and headphones and some days i even skip my headphones.


To walk and just think…. Most of my ideas for blogging come when i am out walking and when i get stuck with an essay or assignment then going for a walk can help to get me more creative and be able to formulate my words properly. Walking is also one of the best remedies for when i have anxiety. I can often get anxiety or panic attacks in the evening and feel like the walls are closing in on me and find it hard to breathe from the anxiety, but then just going out for a walk whether it is walking to the store and distracting myself there, or walking and talking with someone or listening to some music/podcast and during summer i sometimes went out for an evening walk and then just sat by the water until the anxiety passed. It is a way to get out of the house, think clearer and get fresh air… a winning concept!

When i lived with my parents and with my dog i used to go for almost daily morning walks because of my dog. Somedays longer walks, otherdays shorter walks… but i most of the time went for a walk for my own sake and not just because i “had to”. Infact on a side note, when i struggled with depression having my dog around me was one of the most helpful things as it made sure that i left the house each day and also had someone to cuddle when i was feeling down!

One of my goals is to get into the regular habit of going for morning walks, and not just walking to school/the gym with a heavy bag. But just going out walking, and the time doesn’t matter. It is not to get more steps or burn calories, but because it is the best way to start the day according to me. It gives me energy, gets me up early, makes me feel positive and ready for the day as well as gives me time to just think, feel positive, be thankful for my body and gets my thoughts and ideas for the day/week/future going!!

So, who’s with me and wants to start going for more morning, or evening walks? Of course i know walking can be a compulsive thing for some, but as long as it is not compulsive or an obsession it can be extremely beneficial and therapeutic!


What’s your favourite way to start the day?

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  1. Fredrika says:

    Jag ÄLSKAR morgonpromenader! Jag vill dock ha en ordentlig frukost först för annars är jag så grinig 😉 Håller med dig om att det är ett väldigt bra sätt att rensa tankarna och landa i sig själv. Lite som jag antar att yoga eller meditation är för de som gillar att göra det på morgnarna.


  2. I always try to get out for a walk in the mornings too and I really love it. Like you, its a time when I can get my thoughts in order, plan the day and generally get my mind together! I find it so relaxing yet it gives me energy for the rest of the day and I have found on the times I haven’t gone I really miss it. I think its important to set some time aside each day just for “you” – to think about things and get your thoughts in order, if that makes sense? And for me walking gives me that opportunity. I am lucky I live in quite a rural area so picturesque walks and beautiful, quiet scenery and surroundings are right on my doorstep, so to speak, but if I fancy a different kind of walk I just head down through the village instead. I love spotting different wildlife when I`m out though and have been lucky to see deer and their young, foxes and rabbits when I`ve been out and about, not to mention all the different birds.
    I think its a great idea to make this a regular habit, not just for exercise but because its therapeutic too!


    1. Walking is definitely therapeutic and a time to just think! I wish i was closer to nature, but i like being a bit “in the middle” where i am close to town but not to far away from a good walking spot… even if it can get a little tiring choosing between just 2 routes when walking where i live. I love when im out walking in the mornings and im almost by myself apart from some other early morning joggers and when i see wildlife and just feel at peace haha! Its important to be thankful for things such as being out in nature and having legs that allow us to walk!


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