Unicorn toast

Unicorn toast is no new trend on Instagram, even if it has taken me a long time to actually jump onto the trend.

So what is unicorn toast, well it is toast with cream cheese that is mixed with different colours i.e rainbow/unicorn cream cheese! You can read more about the person who started the trend HERE


Some people use actual food dyes to colour the food and others use natural food colourings such as matcha, blue matcha, beet root, turmeric etc etc And the person who started the trend used natural food colours so that the meal is still “healthy and fun”.

Finally i decided to give it a try and well, i didn’t follow any recipe or instructions instead just mixed vegan cream cheese with 1) Spirulina, 2) blue matcha powder, 3) raspberries, 4) blueberries and i tried with mango but that didn’t turn out well so skipped that colour.

And then it is just to add to toast!

What was my opinion on this? Well, it takes longer than just putting the cream cheese directly on bread. 2 it leaves you with alot more dishes to clean and 3, don’t use spirulina for the green colour because cream cheese doesn’t take away the spirulina taste hahah!


It was “fun” but not worth the effort according to me. Instead i’ll colour my oatmeal or noodles but not so much my toast. But i think it is something fun you can do with your kids… colour rice or pasta or noodles and make food more fun. But also when you are a child, imagine how amazing it would be to have pink cream cheese or blue cream cheese on your toast when in school or as a snack/breakfast? So i think colourful when using natural food colours is a great way to get kids to eat and be interested in food!

If you have the time, give it a try, but in the end it still just tastes like cream cheese with a little bit of the taste from the colour you used!




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  1. Looks like fun but as you say – a lot of washing up! I should imagine kids would love it though – I know I would have done 🙂
    Coloured food hasn’t arrived here in the UK, or not that I know of so the limit we have is the standard tri coloured pasta bags – pasta coloured with carrot, spinach and tomato! When I was little I remember making marzipan fruits/animals and either painting the marzipan with food colouring or kneading it into the dough. Nowadays I flavour/colour boiled rice with saffron – I love the yellow colour it goes and fried onions turn a lovely golden yellow when you add turmeric, but this is for flavouring rather than just colouring foods!
    Maybe unicorn toast will reach the UK eventually – who knows???


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