Sweet – sweet potato bowl snack bowl.

Snacks – good or bad?

It all depends on what type of snacks you consume. If your snacks are just candy bars, bags of crisps or pretzel sticks then maybe your snacking isn’t so great. But if you are eating snacks such as fruit, vegetables, unsalted nuts, oats, whole grains etc it will give you energy and keep you from getting low blood sugar as well as keep you from getting hangry, low energy and over eating at your main meals. Snacking shouldn’t have such a bad reputation but unfortunately many consume the wrong form of snack.

My go to snacks are usually oatmeal bowls, fruit, vegetables with hummus, vegan cheese sandwiches and sometimes even potatoes with avocado or a handful of two of nuts!

But here is a new snack option which has carbs, protein and healthy fats as well as fiber!

Sweet potato that has been heated in the oven and then let to cool down in the fridge, soy yoghurt, frozen berries and mango and peanut butter! It’s a great alternative to just eating soy or oat yoghurt or just oatmeal! Sweet potato can be eaten in so many different ways and this is one way to eat them!

I’ll be making more posts with snack tips to give you some ideas ! 🙂

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  1. I would never have thought of eating sweet potato with yogurt – will have to try these sweet combinations you have created, I brought a huge bag of sweet potatoes this morning!
    Found some delicious sounding oatmeal pots in the free from section at the shop this morning – almond butter and salted caramel flavour 🙂 I tend to snack on thing like this and fruit, cereal/grain bars and oat cakes with banana or peanut butter. Could do with being a bit more adventurous though as getting bored with the same things – which was why I was so pleased to see the new oatmeal pots!
    look forward to seeing more posts for snack inspiration!


    1. Those oatmeal pots sound delicious!! 🙂 You should try a sweet combo with sweet potato… maybe you wont like it, but atleas you’ve tried then! 🙂


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