Is my dog vegan? Can dogs be vegan?

I posted on my instastory that i was out walking with my dog and i got a few people asking me whether my dog eats vegan but also my opinion on having pets as a vegan.

As my dog doesn’t live with me i don’t have so much power over what she eats and so i have never really talked about my dog or having a pet. But also because it is rather controversial and i havent had the facts or information to actually talk about my opinion.


First off, i was 12 when we bought my dog. She was not adopted but instead she was bought from a woman who was breeding beagles (i think). So of course that wasn’t so good, it would have been better to adopt a beagle… especially as beagles are usually used in animal testing due to their obedience. SO i am sure there are plenty of beagles who are need in homes. However that was not the case when we got my dog, but in the future if i get more dogs i will be adopting! There are so many animals out there who are in need of homes anda caring family, so it doesnt make sense to breed new animals and let the animals that already exist sit in cages and be put down because they can’t get a family to adopt them.

So, can dogs eat a vegetarian diet?

After doing my research it turns out that dogs can be healthy and eat a vegetarian diet because they are infact omnivores, meaning that they can get all the nutrients they need from plants, however supplements with calcium D vitamin and sppleument of the 2 amino acids L-carnitine and taurin could be beneficial.

First off it isn’t recommended to only give your food vegan food such as rice, beans, grains etc but instead use vegan dog food which has been certified and has all the nutrients it needs. This is because dogs ARE different from humans, and even if they can thrive on a vegetarian diet, they do have different needs and requirements  and you may not be aware that your dog has a deficiency until its too late. So either give your dog vegan food and supplements or do 50/50 whole foods and vegan dog food. HOWEVER, please talk to a vet beforehand because this is not a recommendation and i am not an expert in anyway. Remember when you are a pet owner, you are making the decision over what your pet eats  so you also need to be aware of their needs and making the best decision for your dog.

If your dog has always eaten meat based dog food and you want to make the change to more vegan food then do it slowly and over time so that their stomach can adapt but also so that you see they are actually eating and getting the nutrients and energy they need.


The important thing is that you use a diet that has been shown to be nutritionally adequate for whatever stage of life you’re feeding, and it is absolutely possible to find a good quality commercial pet food that doesn’t have animal products in it,” says veterinarian Kathryn E. Michel, an associate professor of nutrition at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

She recommended using only commercial pet food that has gone through Association of American Feed Control Officials feeding trials. Or, if you prefer to cook meals from scratch, consult a credentialed expert in dog nutrition to ensure a proper balance of essential nutrients.”



What is my opinion on dogs eating vegan and does my dog eat vegan?

I’ve always just thought that “dogs eat meat” so havent been so bothered with finding vegan alternatives, but the more research i’ve done the more ive realised that feeding her a vegetarian could be fine. Also she already eats alot of beans, grains, vegetables which fall on the floor or we give her, however i’ve been rather strict that we don’t feed her our human food, but also that we should not let her have any food that has been flavoured with garlic, onion or strong spices but also chocolate and dried fruit should be out of reach from the dog at all times!

My parents are currently looking for vegetarian dog food, just to try it out and see if our dog likes it. But ive told them to gradually make the change and make sure to keep an eye on her so that she doesn’t show ay strange symptoms or act strange, considering that she is 9 years old already it might have more of an effect on her than if she had only been eating meat for 2 years!


Here are some brands that do vegan dog food:


And here are some links to articles about dogs eating vegetarian:


HERE – from Peta



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  1. I had a vegetarian friend who owned a dog and they fed it on a vegetarian diet. I don`t seem to remember them having special dog food though – they would either prepare and cook food for the dog or it would have whatever they were having themselves – within reason. But it had been brought up on vegetarian food from being puppy so it had never known any different. But she was happy and lively and did ok on vegetarian food with some extra vitamin/nutritional supplements.
    I`m not sure how an older dog would take to a change in diet, especially a vegan one but maybe its a case of trying her and seeing how it goes.
    As she is already used to eating food other than just pet food perhaps she will be able to make the switch easily.
    Let us know how it goes!


  2. Scout Dawson says:

    An omnivorous diet doesn’t mean removing meat! Please feed your dog meat, it is a carnivore, after all. Like humans, dogs are carnivores that can simply tolerate plant-based foods and even sometimes find a benefit from them. But don’t remove meat from its diet, or you’re looking at one sick, nervous, unwell little pup. Look after that little baby, give it meat.


    1. Rachel Carter says:

      I agree. I’m all for minimising environmental damage, and humans are often perfectly capable of going vegan. But dogs are omnivorous with an emphasis on meat, and taking that away would be really unhealthy.


      1. Scout Dawson says:

        Humans are 100% capable of GOING vegan, but staying 100% healthy whilst vegan is a scientific impossibility. Too many of our required nutrients can only be found in animals for that to happen.


      2. That is not true. Humans can be healthy on a vegan diet and a vegan diet CAN be sustainable without ending up with deficiences. Infact there are many omnivores who have deficiencies such as iron… so you can’t blame a vegan diet. Any diet that is made up of mostly junk food or a restrictive diet can make someone end up with deficiencies, but then it’s a crappy diet… not just a vegan diet. Of course not everyone can be healthy on a vegan diet, such as if someone has alot of allergies or intolerances or their body can’t absorb nutrients so well or such as people with chrons disease then a fully vegan diet may not be the healthiest, but that doesn’t mean that fully healthy adults can’t be healthy and vegan.


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