New month and October goals


It’s finally a new week and a new month, and also the start of a new university course for me. This means alot of school work, but i loving learning more about nutrition and focusing on different hormones that control hunger, the different macronutrients and we will even be doing Dexa (fullbody scans) that measure bone, fat, muscle mass as well as glucose tests to see how different food affects blood sugar. So despite all the work i am looking foward to learning more these next few weeks! Thats how you know you are studying the right thing, when you want to do more article research and reading than is necesssary because you find it so interesting and actually want to learn more. It’s not just about passing a course but about learning as much as i can so that i can help others and share that information in an understable way, because most nutrition related articles arent easily understood by the average non-nutrtion or medical student.

It is only 3 months left of the year and if i am honest, i think this is the first time i don’t have any goals for the month or the rest of the year. I blame it on my cold though, that i just lack energy and lifelust so i don’t even have the energy to think about setting goals.


But i would say, staying health physically and mentally as my first goal!

Keep going for morning walks when i can and want to!

Maybe start filming some youtube videos as i have invested in a better camera, however i am uncertain whether i will keep the camera as i don’t think the quality is how i had expected. But also hopefully going to take more photos and feel more inspired to blog now!

Keep up with a regular sleep routine. The past few weeks i have had an awful sleep routine and my sleeping problems had come back, but i got a herbal medicine from my mum to try and surprisingly it is working…. whether it is placebo or it is because i am sick, i don’t know… but within 30 minutes of taking the herbal medicine i am half asleep. I am going to give it a few more weeks and see if it works as well as do more research on the herbal medicines and i don’t want to give any recommendations without knowing what it is and what side effects it may have. But i like to try herbal medicine before getting into the stronger medical drugs.

Socializing weekly! Now when it is getting darker it is easy for me to do less socializing and sort of isolate myself away because it is cold and dark and less energy. But i need to make sure to also meet friends outside of school especially during the weeks when we just have lots of at home reading or essay writing to do!! No one feels good when they just sit at home/library and read/write all day and don’t talk to friends or family!

So…. there are some of my goals for this month. Just my usual goals! Staying happy and healthy this autumn is the most important as i get very impacted by the weather change and feel less motivated, less energetic and less happy when it gets cold and dark but i am going to do my best to stay as positive and happy as i can!!


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  1. You are right – it is so easy to stay indoors when it is cold and darker outside, sometimes it takes a real effort to go out. But I always find I end up feeling better for doing so – so I`m going to remember this and hopefully it will spur me on!
    Your new course subject sounds really interesting. I love it when I come across something tht really interests me and I just want to explore it and read all that I can find out about it. How different foods affect blood sugars is particualry interesting – you will have to keep us informed on what you find?
    I`m trying out a non prescription/ herbal remedy for stomach/digestion/IBS at the moment – peppermint oil. I`ve only been taking a few days so far so its hard to tell if it will make a difference and actually do anything but I thought I would give it a go rather than take more “medical” drugs. Hopefully your herbal sleep remedy will work for you and you will get a better sleep routine going again. Broken/late nights have such an effect on how you function the next day I find.
    Despite us coming into the colder, darker months now there are still lots to look forward to – Halloween, Guy Fawkes night and of course Christmas! So I`m trying to stay positive about the coming months and look for the good things amongst the not-so-good, and just think of all the cups of hot chocolate or co-co you can now enjoy more now the weather has turned!


    1. It’s great that you are styaing positive 🙂 So far i am loving the course even if it is alot of work, i am learning and i love it! I’ve heard that peppermint oil is good for your stomach, however remember to take it in the right doses as i think too much when its so concentrated can have negative consequences… but i am sure you have already done your research, haha! Hope you have a lovely week!


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