Recovering from a cold


And i apologize for my silence on here the past week. I know i don’t have to give a reason or apologize, but i feel i wanted to anyway.

I have been hit with a terrible cold which i have mentioned earlier and i have had it for about 10 days now. It started with just a blocked nose and sore throat and then i began coughing, my throat was red and extremely sore, swollen around my eyes, headache from hell, no appetite and extreme tiredness and now it is mostly a headache, tiredness, a terrible cough and lack of appetite. So i am getting better. However,  because i have  Cystic Fibrosis (CF) the cold i got has set itself in my lungs. My immune system is not how it should be because of my CF and a simple cold can take weeks to months for me to fully recover from with antibiotics or IV antibiotics. I have been lucky that in the past 8-9 years i haven’t gotten so sick. I’ve had small colds which have passed within a week but nothing that feel this awful and has made me cough until my lungs and ribs hurt as well as having no energy. I’ve gone for short walks to get fresh air and just move my body, as well as having to go to school and do other things so i havent been able to just lie in bed as i have wanted… but those things have left me feeling exhausted and like i have run a half marathon even if i just did a 20 minute walk.

I am hoping that this will just run it’s course this week and that i won’t need any further medication to get better and hopefully no inpatient care either, though i have a doctor’s appointment today, just to make sure it isn’t something serious.

I hate being sick and having no energy. Sometimes i get these bouts of energy and then i have done some cleaning or i have done article reading, but for the most part i have just been lying in bed listening to podcasts because even staring at a screen has been too tiring and made my head pound, hence why i haven’t been blogging as it has just taken too much energy from me. But also i haven’t had any appetite at all, i’ve made simple meals and barely been able to eat half of my portion sizes, and i hate when mentally i want to eat but physically i can’t stomach it. So i see all this amazing looking food and want to eat it and then when i make it, i can barely finish it.


Moving on… i am not the only one sick at the moment so i am not going to complain any further. I am just hoping i start feeling more like myself soon!!

What are my best tips for getting better from a cold?

1) Rest!!! Your body needs it.

2) Energy. You need to eat as much as you can. Don’t be scared to eat even if you arent exercising. Your body needs fuel to get better and to fight the bacteria or virus. I have been eating several spoons of peanut butter with some soya yoghurt just to get the calories into me because i know that i haven’t been eating as much as i need.

3) Lemon and ginger water. Boil up some water with lemon and ginger and add agave if you want some sweetness to it.

4) Garlic and turmeric. They are anti bacterial and work wonders!

5) Throat lozenges. Last week i think i went through a whole package in 48 hours. Not to be recommended but it helped my throat so much. (Note… skip the throat losengers with honey if you are vegan!)

6) Ice cream and frozen mango. They work wonders for your throat!

7) Tea… lots and lots of it. Ginger tea. Herbal tea. Or even warm hot chocolate. Just something warm will be great for your throat.

8) Sleeping is one of the best remedies, it is when your body can try to fully recover. So try to sleep as many hours as you can.

9) When you are sick it’s too late to start taking extra C vitamin and zink as they really won’t do much. But it doesnt hurt to eat extra nutritious food and some oranges and kale anyway!

10) Keep hydrated and drink enough water. Don’t get dehydrated as that can make your throat or headache worse.

11) If you have no appetite, eat what you can and smoothies or toast usually work wonders for me when i have no appetite or feel nauseous.


These are my best tips for getting better from a cold, but once you are sick it is just about letting your immune system do the work and trying to rest and eat right as well as drink enough water to help.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Josephine says:

    Ah how shitty that you’ve caught such a bad cold!! I know that with CF it really can hit you hard.. Get better soon Izzy! ❤


    1. Thank you 🙂 Hopefully i will feeling better soon ❤


  2. carol says:

    Sorry to read you are feeling so ill and I hope you feel well again soon. Just rest up as much as you can and don’t try to struggle on regardless, things will still be there for you when you feel well again and you can always catch up on missed school work.
    Hope your doctors appt went ok and that your c.f. hasn’t complicated things too much.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery xxx


    1. Thank you. Unfortunatly things weren’t so great with my CF health. However i’m fine to workout and study and all that but just listen to my body i.e i am more tired than usual, and take antibiotics.


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