Vegan sandwich toppings/fillings

As i missed posting a meatless monday recipe yesterday, i thought i would give you a few ideas/recipes today instead! 🙂

When it comes to sandwiches it can be easy to eat the same topping all the time and forget what variations there maybe, or just forget about different combinations, so here are some sandwich toppings you might want to relive and re-eat again!


Of course i have to start off with hummus, but you can have all different flavours of hummus and can add alfalfa sprouts to add crunch or some salt or chilli pepper flakes! (hummus recipes here )


PB and J i.e peanut butter and jelly/jam! The most typical sandwich combination there is, but it’s an amazing combination so no wonder it’s a favourite amongst many! Try with different nut butters, different jams or jellys and try toasting the bread, adding the PB and J and even adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it more like dessert – if you use the right type of bread which is soft and fluffy!

Avocado – Avocado with cream cheese. Avocado with sea salt or herb salt. Avocado with lots of salad, cucumber, sprouts!

Vegan butter and cheese sandwich. There is a wide range of vegan cheese and butter available and you can even make your own butter or cheese at home, so don’t feel like you have to miss this combination even if you are vegan. And you can make toasties as well. Or you can add vegan ham, vegan bacon, salad and the list goes on!

Home made potato salad and vegan cheese. I don’t know if it was just my family or if it’s a common combination, but when i was younger i used to eat potato salad and cheese in my sandwiches for school. I LOVED the combo, and i just remembered now that it can also be eaten vegan style. Making your own potato salad doesnt have to be hard – boil potatoes, chop into small squares, using some oat cremefraiche and some thick vegan yoghurt or mayonnaise and add seasonings, maybe some leek and mix together… of course it might take some trial and error to get the perfect consistency and taste, but i’ve made potato salad before (vegan) and it turned out amazing!

Tofu scramble, tofu nuggets, fried tofu. If you want toast with baked beans and scrambled eggs, you can make it vegan by using tofu scramble!! Or if you are making a wrap or a baguette then maybe some fried tofu with salad and sauce or tofu nuggets with barbeque sauce and veggies is a combo you can eat!

Vegan BLT/FLT. If you love the BLT combo then you can make your own vegan version using facon i.e fake bacon either with rice paper, seitan, store bought fake bacon or tofu bacon and then of course lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise or cream cheese!

Bread with different sauces/fillings such as beetroot salad, aubergine mix, chickpea curry, tofu mix etc  These exact measurements to these mixes will have to be googled, but usually its just vegetable of choice, some form of vegan mayonnaise and creme fraiche, seasoning and letting it sit for a while so that all the flavours mix together!

Toastie such as the vegan triple oumph melt toast i created. I.e oumph (i recommend pulled oumph!) but you can use pulled jack fruit or seitan or pulled oats as well! recipe here


Sweet toast with vegan nutella! Or try peanut butter and banana or tahini with banana and cinnamon!

Vegan Banh Mi – lots of vegetables and tofu!

Meatless-meatball sub – Either make your own or buy meatballs, and then it’s just to add the rest of your fillings such as some type of tomato sauce and veggies and into a baguette or pita bread!

Garlic bread. This isn’t so much of a sandwich topping, but it’s still a bread filling!

Falafel wrap – Doesn’t need much of a description but falafels, lettuce, tomatoes, kebab sauce in a wrap or pita bread!! 


These are some of the sandwich combos i could think of now, but you can read more HERE

Do you have a favourite sandwich combo? Or any strange combos which others might want to try!



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  1. I love this – can’t beat a good tofu BLT! Glad someone else loves a tofu nugget in a wrap as well!


    1. Tofu nuggets are so good, i definitely don’t eat them often enough though!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love cold baked bean sandwiches – baked beans straight from the tin on “buttered” bread!


  3. Have you ever tried chip “butties”? Butter some bread, load with thick crispy chips (fries) sprinkle with salt, add a little tomato ketchup or salad cream – its delicious!
    Also crisp sandwiches – salt and vinegar flavour is my favourite!
    Grated carrot, diced apple and mayo is good too!


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