When faced with the truth you know you’d have to make a change

Yesterday after watching Jon Venus video talking about why he went vegan i got inspired to write a little longer caption on Instagram. I don’t usually write so much about veganism on there mostly because i don’t want to be preachy or push my own beliefs onto others. I don’t want to go around screaming, “meat is murder”, but at the same time i want to make people aware. For anyone who doesn’t follow me on instagram, HERE, i thought i would repost my caption on here but with some extra thoughts:

” People don’t want to know about the meat and dairy industry because they know they’d have to make a change then. I was was listening to @jonvenus latest video and he was talking about how most people don’t want to know about the reality. I think this is because most people don’t want to harm animals…. by nature most people are kind and caring. When you see a cow you don’t instinctively want to kill or eat it. But when you go to the store and see a steak you don’t see a cow… You see food. So when people are more aware they realise how “not ok” it is to eat animals that just want to live. People don’t want to know because that means they need to face reality and make a change. 
But on the other side there are people who know but just don’t care…. that’s almost more terrifying. I personally think people should be informed and made aware. People eat meat and dairy because that’s what we’ve always done and been told to do…. but it’s ok to question those things, to change… You don’t have to do what you’ve always done. People don’t know better but it’s never too late to learn and to change.
Also it’s ok to slowly make changes or just decrease intake of animal products. You don’t need to be all or nothing… we need to be realistic as well. But I believe that awareness and knowledge is key with veganism. People need to be made aware.”


My belief is that people need to be made aware about the meat, dairy and egg industry. Because if you don’t know you can’t make a rightful choice. Most people grow up being told that eating meat and dairy is necessary and normal… Everyone else does it. It is normal, why question the norm. It’s hard to be different, it’s hard to question the norm, to step outside of the box and really question…. what is it we are doing? Most people don’t want to be different and if you grow up in a community and family who eat alot of meat and dairy then it can be hard to rebel against that, or even question those behaviours – but it is not impossible.

The reason people don’t make a change or don’t question what they are eating is because they aren’t fully aware. Now a days i am sure most people are becoming more aware, but alot of people live in the belief that animals are ok…. that the cows, chickens, lambs, pigs… they are all happy and running around in fields and living life. Wrong. Sure, some animals may have it a little better but at the end of the day they don’t have a good or a long life, they are filled with antibiotics and hormones, the majority of the animals never see daylight and are trapped in tiny areas and in the end they are killed in brutal ways. unfortunately, there is no humane way to kill an animal that doesn’t want to die. You are making the decision over an animal’s life each time you buy meat, eggs or dairy. The animals have no choice. And whether the animal has a little better life than another such as gets more time outside or better food, the animal has still been born so that it can die to be food. It’s not like a dog or a cat where the animal is born to live a good life – hopefully. The animal is literally brought to life so that it can be food. And THIS is why animals wouldn’t overpopulate the world if everyone went vegan, because there wouldn’t be so many animals. The amount of animals born each year is because of the  mass amount of animal products sold each day, week, month, year… no other reason. If we didn’t eat animal products there wouldn’t be as many animals born each year and they wouldn’t over populate.

I understand that many people are sensitive and don’t want to watch vegan documentaries, i can understand that. However i would recommend that everyone atleast TRIES to see them. I know people say that those documentaries are just propaganda, but unfortunately its the truth…. Of course it is only the worst bits shown such as when the animals are injured or hurt in the factories and when they are killed, but when you see the farm animals in the tiny spaces, with injured legs or tied up… THAT is not propoganda, that is actually how it is. Maybe not in all places, but the majority and that is not something you can deny.


As i mentioned in my caption. Most people are kind by nature and when you see animals you don’t want to kill them – unless you have some form of mental illness. There is a reason that you find tea cup pigs cute or small lambs or baby calves running around cute. But when you go to the store and pick up bacon or steak or sausages, you don’t have a connetion or make the connection… you just see “food”, not an animal. But the more aware you are the more you realise that meat is not just food, but it is an animal. When you become aware you begin to question your behaviour and you know that you would have to make a change… and many don’t want to make that change so they don’t want to know. They don’t want to become aware because that would mean they have to question their behaviour.

Of course some people claim they know about the meat and dairy industry but they just don’t care… that scares me. But then again, i wonder how people can even work in the meat and dairy industry and not break apart from sadness and anger at what happens to animals daily. But i guess they are so desensitized that they don’t even question what they are doing.

I am not trying to guilt shame anyone with posts like this. Just write my own thoughts.

I am realistic and i know that people wont give up meat and dairy completely, and not everyone can i am fully aware of that. But i also want people to be aware so that they can make proper and right decisions. And even if people can’t go fully vegan they can still make small changes and differences and that all adds up and THAT’s what i want to promote and inspire.

In the past i was guilt shamed for eating meat and dairy, but i just wasn’t aware… i DIDN’T want to be made aware. I didn’t want to know the truth because i knew i would have to make changes in my diet. Once i was made aware i realised i couldn’t keep eating meat and dairy. The anonymous people who guilt shamed me for eating meat and dairy did nothing but make me anti-vegan, instead i had to find out the truth myself and not be pushed into veganism and that’s what i think works best. Forcing someone to watch documentaries or forcing someone to go fully vegan might not work, instead they need to make the decision themselves, make the connection and want to find out more!


When you speak out about veganism you can often get alot of hate, however i have realized that it is most often just the persons bad consciouness speaking out. Because they dont want to face reality and they don’t want the truth. I mean what is so wrong about stating the truth… it can of course be a little preachy and “In your face”, which can make people defensive… just like most people don’t want other peoples religion being pushed upon them… peple don’t want veganism pushed upon them. But stating facts is not the same thing as pushing your beliefs onto others. If you don’t care it is just to shrug your shoulders and move on…. but if you do care, those facts will stick with you and it is up to you whether you get defesnive and hurt because you aren’t willing to face the facts or if you do something with those facts and make a change.


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  1. Lily says:

    I like this topic, as on Instragam I often see captions that are more guilt shaming than inspiring, and that makes me kinda angry, when in reality I’m really simphatising with veganism… Anyways, what do you think about the lab grown meat?It’s derived from animals, but can obviously be made without harming them… It can also be questionable from.a religious point of view, like can muslims eat lab grown pork?Just thought it could be a nice topic:)


    1. Thank you 🙂 I think i have written about the lab grown meat before, i can’t remember but i might write a post about it and my opinon 🙂 I personally think its good because even if they initially need a lab sample, after that they shouldn’t need to kill any animals to have meat. There will still be the health consequences of red meat, but if people really can’t give up meat then its an option anyway!


  2. I heard they anticipate that we will be eating insect derived products in the years to come rather than so much meat. What do you think of this and do you think it is likely? Apparently insects are far more nutritious than meat. We already eat snails so maybe this isn’t such a far fetched notion?


  3. I had my eyes “opened” only yesterday evening where I saw a farming programme that showed lambs being taken from their mothers for slaughter at only weeks old. I never realised they were taken so young and I think it is so cruel. I mean the sheep are just machines for breeding more lambs for slaughter.
    I think awareness is a good thing even if it is painful and hard hitting to know. If we don`t know about these things we cannot make a decision to change what we do.


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