Breast cancer awareness month

Good morning everyone 🙂

I wanted to bring to your attention that October is Breast Cancer awareness month . unfortunately i have had family members suffer from breast cancer and despite being young when it happened, it was awful to see my aunt suffer. I never really understood cancer or what it was, but it was awful to see my parents worry and to see my aunt getting sick and losing her hair. Cancer is an awful illness – infact all illnesses are awful, including my own illness, Cystic Fibrosis. But now a days there is treatment and the success rate is getting higher even if the treatment can make te person suffer and feel awful, there is atleast a higher rate of survival.

What scares me with cancer is that we know that certain things are carcinogenics and certain habits or foods can increase your chances of getting cancer. But at the end of the day, you could live your life avoiding all carcinogenics and still end up with a mutation and with cancer…. and you can get cancer in almost all organs or part of your body it seems like. The more i think about it, the more sad i get…. sad over everyone suffering, sad over all the children who don’t survive the illness and sad that so many die due to cancer each year.

But it makes me appreciate my health just that little bit more. Sure i have a chronic illness and my health isn’t optimal, but i can at least live life… i have a body that functions, a mostly healthy body.  So please please please appreciate your body, your health and just be thankful for your body and not care so much about your appearance. Health is the most important. And also don’t forget to care a little extra for your friends and family closest to you.

So, what i wanted to write in this post is that i have teamed up with Sudio Sweden for the third time as they have a campaign where 10% of the sales from their pink headphones goes to Rosa Bandet. , which is a foundation that does research for cancer treatment.

I listen to music all the time and constantly have my headphones on me, and i have 3 pairs of SudioSweden headphones and i even bought a pair for my sister for her birthday, meaning that i love the headphones and wouldn’t team up with a company i didn’t love or believe in.

If you are interested in buying headphones from Sudio you can use my code: Itsahealthylifestyle for 15% off your purchase. (And no, i won’t get any sales commissions!!) but you might as well use the code if you are going to purchase headphones 🙂


Of course not everyone can or wants to buy new headphones but you can help in other ways such as donating directly to a cancer research foundation, or buying one of the “bands” where the donations goes to a foundation, or how about one of the “fuck cancer” bracelets?

We can all do something. And even if an average person can’t find the cure for cancer, we can atleast donate to help scientists hopefully find the cure!!


Take care of yourself. Treat your body right. Be kind towards yourself. Love your body. Show love and appreciation towards your friends and family!!

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  1. We have a similar awareness month here in the UK called “Tickled Pink” where bows of pink ribbon go on sale and all proceeds go to the cancer research charities. Also supermarkets carry special pink packaging on a lot of their products which also carry a donation. There are also many fun run events and other fund raising activities where people wear pink and get sponsored to raise money.
    I think it is a very worthwhile charity to support and sadly a lot of people have family members or know people who have been affected by cancer.
    I had a scare a few years ago when I found an odd lump in my breast, which luckily turned out to be only a harmless cyst. Nethertheless it caused me great anxiety but the support I received from the medical staff was outstanding.
    If anyone gets the chance to support these charities please do so. They do amazing work and it is so important that as many people as possible can support them in their work.


  2. My mum has just recovered from having breast cancer after having a double mascectomny and a reconstruction, I love this blog post! you’re so right, it is so scary and sometimes you have no idea what is going on and happening! thank you so much for creating more awareness! I really appreciate it.


  3. purrpale says:

    I love reading people talking about breast cancer awareness, I mean I’d rather it not be needed but you get what I mean! My mother passed away over three years ago from breast cancer so I’m always up for spreading awareness. Again, such a good post!

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