Nobody has a perfect relationship with food

So many people looking for the perfect relationship with food…. how to eat, what to eat, when to eat? So many questions and no real answers.

My best advice is always to listen to your body, HOWEVER now a days that is not so simple. We are bombarded with diet messages, with people telling us how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, what we shouldn’t eat, what we should eat…. it leaves us feeling confused and unable to trust our body.

High fat or low fat diet? Raw food or cooked food? Paleo, atkins, vegetarian, raw? intermittent fasting, 6 meals a day or 3 meals a day? How are we suppposed to trust our bodies when we are constantly told that the way we eat is wrong or that we should eat differently?


Hunger is controlled by hormones – and lots of them. The more i read about the mechanisms behind hunger and fullness the more i realise how complicated it is and how amazing the body is. The body has all these mechanisms to keep us healthy, to keep us at a healthy weight but most people now a days have lost touch with their body.

Diet messages making us scared to listen to our body. Extreme cravings making people eat foods they might not even like or make them eat past their fullness. Stress making people lose their appetite or eat far more than they want or need.

Telling people to listen to their body doesn’t always work. Especially not when their hormones aren’t working as they should and they don’t feel hunger or fullness or they are depressed, suffer from anxiety or are chronically stressed or fatigued… all of those things can make your hunger and fullness mess up.

For example if you have no appetite and someone tells you to just listen to your body, then maybe you will never eat. Or if you are chronically stressed and you never feel full and someone tells you to listen to your body then maybe you won’t stop eating and you won’t find that golden balance because you never really take a break from eating.

I wish i could tell you all the perfect way to eat… i wish i could tell you all how to find balance with eating, but it is so individual. In the future i can atleast… in the future i hope to help people on an individual bases to help them find balance with food and eating.


The important thing is to not just copy what others are doing. We are all so individual… if i were to try to eat like someone else then maybe i wouldn’t be healty or have balance with food. Maybe i would eat too little or too much. If i were to listen to all the diet messages then i might end up eating too little for what i actually need.

Just because a certain way of eating suits one person doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

Also realise that most people have times they overeat or times they undereat. Food is delicious and it’s not strange if at times you eat a little more than you need just because the food is delicious or times when you are stressed or just forget to eat. Stop looking for a perfect way to eat and instead find a balance and way that works for you.

A general recommendation is to try to eat regular meals, this is so that your blood sugar doesn’t go up and down, but also that it usually prevents overeating and/or binges if you eat regularly. Also trying to eat enough fiber and fruit and veggies and of course drink water are helpful in a healthy and balanced diet. For example if you just eat white bread and white pasta, which aren’t so filling or nutritious it is not strange that you will feel hungry short afterwards. However if you combine the white bread or white pasta with some fiber and something more filling it will leave you feeling full for longer.

But also remember that how and what you eat can change over time. For example if you are sick or stressed you may eat differently than when you are more relaxed or not sick. Sometimes 3 meals a day works best for you and your life and other times 6 meals a day works best for you. Your diet can change over the years as well as food preferences.


Stop looking for perfect and look towards finding YOUR balance. What foods do you like? What foods fill you up? Don’t skip meals, try to limit the amount of processed and junk food, even if that of course can be part of your diet, but when you focus more on “whole foods” and unprocessed foods it is better for your gut bacteria, for your energy and mood and can help you feel more full and also more balanced with eating.

But don’t forget that enough sleep, not stressing, doing things that make you feel happy and drinking enough water are ALL part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you arent sleeping enough, not drinking enough water and stressing too much those can affect your hunger hormones and leave you feeling unsure what your body signals are.

Stop looking at diet messages. Stop thinking about what you should or shouldn’t eat and instead take care of your body. TRY to listen to your body. It is hard and it takes time and it is easy for the balance to be turned upside down.

Nobody has a perfect diet. Even my “normal friends” who i think must have a healthy relationship with food have weird different habits and routines which  you wouldn’t expect.

I would say i have a pretty balanced and healthy relationship with food, but as mentioned…nobody is perfect or has a perfect way of eating or listening to their body.

Maybe babies do…. babies that scream when they are hungry – they are the only real ones who have a healthy relationship with food, but after that even kids are bombarded with what to eat and not to eat and they get affected by the way their parents eat.

All we can do is try our best to listen to our body and treat our body right, but at times you can’t listen to your body and then just following a meal plan works best.

In the future i hope i can help those who need it to find health and balance ❤

Image result for what is normal eating

^Êven if that is seen as “normal” eating it doesn’t that it works for everyone.


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  1. What do you think of the recommended portion sizes? For example I read recently that veggies should fill half our plates and our carb serving should be roughly the size of your fist – is this accurate to follow or should we really just base our meals on appetite? I find it confusing. What if your potato, for example is bigger than your fist – does that mean you`re over eating the carbs?


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