World mental health day

The day may be coming to an end, but it’s never too late to make you all aware that today the 10th of October it is world mental health day.


Each day so many people suffer from different mental illnesses, and so many people suffer and struggle in silence. Mental illness is still rather taboo to talk about, its a conversation topic you want to avoid and not talk about your own struggles, instead pretend everything is fine… or that’s how i perceive it anyway. However i am noticing a difference and how more people are talking about their struggles and mental illness.

I have also made previous posts where i have mentioned that some of my friends who i just guessed were so carefree and stressfree and healthy, have infact suffered from different mental illnesses and some deal with anxiety as well. It then makes me question how my friends perceive me… whether they just think i am a happy and positive person with no struggles to deal with.

I don’t talk about my struggles and i won’t make this too much of a personal post either as that is what i choose to move on from… However i would say i am a health activist and that includes mental health. I am passionate about overall health and wellbeing and that means a healthy mental state as well. I want to help people get healthy and to dare talk about their problems…. the only real way to get better is to admit you have a problem and find a way to cope with the problem or make the problem go away such as through treatment.

Mental health is so so important. It is easy to push past your limits but if it leaves you feeling lifeless and unhappy then it is not worth it.

Talk about your struggles. Get help for your struggles, and take care of yourself.

You aren’t alone if you are struggling and you can get help- there are people out there who can and want to help you, as long as you dare to ask for it!

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, and this is something i need to get better at reminding myself of.

What have you done today for your mental health? Rested? Worked hard? Worked out? Went to therapy? Talked to friends or family? Kept yourself from self harming? Made a delicious meal? Cleaned your room?

Self care and taking care of your mental health isn’t just taking naps and using face masks, but also about knowing that you NEED to clean your room and do your studies and that you WILL feel better after it’s done. Somedays the best thing you can do for your mental health is to do all those basic things like clean, wash, study, go to the store, exercise because it will make you feel better.

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Also i think we should make talking about mental illness less taboo and more ok. HOWEVER i don’t think we should glamourize or “normalize” mental illnesses. I.e i have seen far too often people say, “oh everyone has depression” or “all young girls have eating disorders” or “all university students have anxiety”…. because that is not the case and you should not generalize mental illness and neither glamourize it. unfortunately it feels like depression and eating disorders are rather glamourized in social media… often portrayed by young moody girls who have a certain look and still have perfect hair and make up and look flawless and that it’s just a dark phase. I recently watched the movie  FEED which is new and is about eating disorders and i thought it was done so well. No glamourizing of an eating disorder and no stereotypical things or talk about calories or weight. I think im going to write a review on it, but i would recommend it as i don’t think its  as triggering as to the bone, and also not as glamourized.

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  1. I think there is a change in the amount of people speaking out about their mental health issues – recently quite a few celebraties have confessed to having mental health issues and have openly told their “story” . Princes William and Harry recently made a documentary about their own issues surrounding their mothers death and are at the forefront of a mental health charity. I think we still have a long way to go before the taboo of mental health is lifted but it does seem like with more education and awareness this will happen one day.
    Mental health is I think more important than just physical health because if you don`t feel right within yourself it doesn’t matter how healthy you may be or look, it is key to your whole well being.
    I have got better with talking to people if I am struggling, I longer shut myself down in isolation. I have learnt that it makes me feel better to talk and that people are only too willing to help, but that you have to make that initial first move by reaching out. There is no need to feel ashamed about mental health – it can and does happen to anyone in any walk of life.


  2. Josephine says:

    Yes i agree Feed is a great movie! Totally what an ed can be like for many


  3. Scout Dawson says:

    Yes! Awareness is SO important. I grew up in a family where mental illness meant automatically that you were a psycho killer or rapist. Ironic considering I grew up with a heavily mentally ill mother (NPD). People need to understand depression is a real thing, not the end of the world and can be treated with diet changes and a little understanding from outside resources.


  4. I would be interested in seeing a review on the film “Feed” – it sounds interesting.


  5. Lily says:

    Very good post!I hate it too when mental illnesses s glamourised or used as adjectives, like when ignorant people say they want to be anorexic to be skinny, or that anypne who gets furious is a psycho, this type of (not)thinking is extremely annoying…


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