Oatly – Ice brew latte and matcha latte

A few weeks ago Oatly released 2 new ice lattes, a cold brew latte and a matcha latte.

I am the type of person who wants to try all the latest vegan products available (i’ve also tried the new pulled oats, but havent gotten around to writing my review on it!).

I’m not a huge fan of lattes , instead i prefer to just drink water, coffe with some oat milk or drink sugar free energy drinks and time to time i’ll make a green smoothie. But i wanted to try these two lattes none the less!


So first off the cold brew latte which i tried 1-2 weeks ago. My review? I liked it. It wasn’t too sweet, however it was very milky and not enough coffee taste. If you like the taste of oat milk such as Ikaffe, and not a huge fan of coffee then you will like this drink. However i much rather have strong black coffee with just the right amount of oat milk instead!  Also, i think there should be more in one pacakge, 235ml seems just a little too little hahah. Increase it to maybe 350ml and then it would be more filling!


Onto the next one, the matcha latte. Yes, it tastes like matcha and leaves you with that after-powder-matcha taste. If you don’t like matcha tea or matcha latte this drink won’t be for you. I personally like matcha latte, however this drink had some strange sweet after taste which i am guessing is from the agave syrup. It wasn’t too sweet, but it did have some weird taste and i am not sure if i like the taste or not…. 235ml was too little to really make a decision.

My opinion? They are drinkable and a good option if you miss the small dairy ice lattes they sell. However i don’t know if i would personally buy them myself, but if i got them free or someone offered to buy them for me i would drink it and be happy, hahah!

*p.s not a sponsored post

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  1. Miri says:

    I thought you didnt count calories or saw food as calories?


    1. Lily says:

      where’s the calorie counting in this?:D she just stated that it was not filling enough:)


      1. I had originally written that i don’t like to drink my calories – however that was written in the wrong way and sounds like i count my calories, when i meant more that i prefer for example coffee with oatmilk and am not a fan of lattes or cappucinos. 🙂 So edited that bit out as it could come across as wrong which i realise now!


    2. I dont count calories or see food as calories, what i meant was that when it comes to drinks i am more of a coffee with oat milk type of person or diet soda type of person and i dont really like lattes or too milky drinks i.e i want my coffee dark and strong haha. But i just worded it wrong first 🙂


      1. Miri says:

        Yeah but if you didnt think of calories you wouldnt even know or care if it was calories in it.. I mean there is No need to mention calories at all in my opinion if you have a healthy mindset towards food, but maybe you’re not fully recovered from your ed so I understand if you are still working on those things. Just a reminder to try to spread a healthy mindset 🙂


      2. I am healthy and recovered from my eating disorder. However i am studying nutrition and health and we talk about calories and nutrition recommendations. Also you have to realise that this blog is aimed more towards healthy people and not people who are in recovery or struggle with an eating disorder, i should be able to mention calories without being deemed as still sick. I have no problem drinking my calories i.e i order a latte if i want, i drink alcohol and drink smoothies and juice. You can be aware of calories and the amount of calories in food without it being triggering or negative. I know the calories in food and drink but i dont let that stop me from eating or drinking it if that is what i want.


  2. Lily says:

    oh, I see:)


  3. The pulled oats sound interesting – what did you think of them?
    I really wish we had more foods here in the UK like you have there!


  4. Miri says:

    Yeah.. I Hope one day you’ll understand What I mean


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