Chocolate chip pancakes recipe – vegan 

Sunday Morning and what better way to start the day – when you wake up at 7am on your free day, than with chocolate chip pancakes!! I used my super simple pancake recipe from HERE but changed it a little, so will post the recipe below 🙂


These pancakes turned out surprisingly fluffy, from the baking powder! This recipe calls for few ingredients so is simple to make as well as isn’t time-consuming, so perfect if you want pancakes without having to spend an hour making them! However you can always just resort to some oat and banana pancakes as well or use different flours, sweeteners, milk options for different types of pancakes but then you would need to find a new recipe as the measurements wouldn’t work!



3 dl flour

5-6dl liquid (i did 50/50 water and oat milk)

1tsp baking powder


and optional, add melted vegan butter. I didn’t have any so had to omit this.

Chocolate chips (optional, add blueberries, coconut etc)

Mix all the ingredients together and make sure there are no flour clumps, so adding the liquid slowly and keep mixing. Then let the mix stand for a few moments so that it will thicken slightly – also note, the mix should not be too liquidy as then they won’t be as fluffy.

Then fry on medium heat in some vegan butter/oil or in a non stick pan 🙂 Eat and enjoy.

Note… this recipe makes pancakes for 3-4 people, or maybe 2 hungry people!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe – the pancakes certainly look light and fluffy!
    I will have to remember the chocolate chips next time I want to make pancakes.
    Have you ever made savoury pancakes?


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