Pasta with sweet potato “cheese” sauce 

If the cheese is made out of potato can you really call it cheese? 

Here is a meatless Monday recipe for you all!!

So Saturday evening i was home alone and had a box of pasta which had been sitting in my cupboard for a while. I am not a huge pasta fan, which you may have realized by now. Instead i prefer potatoes or pearl couscous, but from time to time i like pasta and then its great to have a box of pasta at home.

I also had some left over sweet potato so i decided to make a simple non cheese version of mac and cheese!

Now let me start off with that making a “cheese” sauce out of potatoes and/or carrots won’t ever be like a real melty cheese taste or texture… but appreciate it for what it is! Also note that to make it have somewhat a cheesy taste, nutritional yeast is key…. otherwise it is basically just potato puree, hahah.



Desired amount of pasta (we all know that we’re ging to cook more than necessary anyway!)

c.a 3-4 Potatoes and carrots or 1 medium sweet potato (the amount you need depends on how much pasta you are making.)

c.a 3 tbs Nutritional yeast


Garlic (optional)

Non dairy milk – i never measured, i just poured into the mixer until it was the right consistency. But around 0,5-1dl.

1-2 tbs Oil


First up… cook your pasta.

Second, cut the potato (you can either use potato and carrot or sweet potato) and boil until just soft. I.e, not mushy but not partly raw either. Note, use just enough water to cover the potato when boiling.

Let the potatoes cool down 5 minutes before adding to a mixer with the rest of the ingredients. Add more milk if necessary. Optional, add melted vegan butter for taste. Also add more nutritional yeast or other seasonings according to your taste.

The consistency should be loose but not liquidy. I.e because of the potato it will still have somewhat the consistency of mashed potatoes, but it should not be so thick that you can’t mix it with the pasta.

Once the mixture has your desired consistency, mix with the pasta and eat and enjoy!

Note, it is fine to leave in the fridge until the next day, but the consistency will be a little drier than when eaten fresh!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. This sounds really interesting and a recipe that I think I will try – I really miss macaroni cheese so perhaps this will curb my cravings! Did you think this idea up yourself?


  2. Just to let you know Izzy, I made this last night for tea and it was lovely!


    1. Oh i am so glad to hear you liked it!! I am going to make it again soon and try another type of cheese recipe maybe!


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