Square bars – review

As a vegan one of the things i have missed is protein bars… and yes i know you can make your own ones which are most likely cheaper, more nutritious and can taste whatever way you want them to taste. But i have missed being able to buy a protein bar in a food store that isnt a raw bar made out of just nuts and raisins. I have noticed that there are more vegan protein bars on the market and a few different types can be bought in health food stores, so i plan to work my way through them and see which i like.


I was recently contacted by square organics and asked if i wanted to try a few of these bars and of course i said yes! I have heard so many positives about their bars and i now know why…  They are vegan and delicious, and i can say from experience that when it comes to vegan protein powders and vegan bars they are more often than not, a let down hahah.  If you are interested in trying a sample box you can use the code “itsahealthylifestyle” for 20% off. I won’t earn anything from the sales, but who doesn’t want some money off when they are buying a product?


Below is a recension of the flavours i tried!


Their latest flavour… cookie dough! Who doesn’t want a protein cookie dough bar? My opinion.  .. it was delicious…infact it just got more delicious as you ate It!! I’m so glad I got 2 of these in my sample pack because I loved the flavour!

Peanut butter – how can you not like the combo of peanut butter and chocolate? This flavour is my top 3 and delicious on it’s own, warmed up or topped on oatmeal with extra peanut butter! This flavour is so good!


Mint flavour – tastes alot like after eight chocolate! I’m not a huge fan of mint chocolate but I really liked this flavour!


Coconut flavour – I must say, I was surprised that I liked this flavour as much as I did… and it’s one of my top 3! It tasted almost exactly like bounty chocolate. Granted I haven’t eaten that chocolate bar in maybe 10-12 years… but from what I can remember this square bar is just the same or even better!


Nut and sea salt flavour – I am a huge fan of salty/sweet combo such as salted caramel, sea salt cookies or even some sea salt on top of brownies – call me strange! I liked this flavour as it wasn’t too sweet or salty, but had a little crunch!


Chocolate crunch (?) – I liked the crunch and chocolate taste in this flavour. It’s somewhere in the middle according to me…. yummy but not in my top 3 anyway.

Cherry coconut – I tried this flavour the same time that i tried the mint flavour so I think the mint was so overpowering that I really didn’t taste much in this bar?  Update… tried the other half and this flavour was ok. It had more of a firm texture and not as soft as the cookie dough or coconut one… Ok, but kind of flavourless haha.


Almond spice – This flavour was a little bland and not a favourite, but it wasn’t the worst either haaha. This doesn’t give much of a review, but i think i would have to try it again to make a proper decisions!


Do you eat vegan protein bars, if so do you have any to recommend?

Have you tried sqaure bars, if yes which is your favourite? 

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  1. I don`t know if you have the “Trek” bars or the “Nak`d” bars in Sweden? The Nak`d bars are raw fruit and oats but come in awide variety of flavours – my favourite is lemon drizzle which is really yummy. Also they do a “crunch” range made with soya which is quite nice too. The “Trek” bars are flapjack style and also are rather nice. I haven’t seen the square bars here but they sell them on Amazon. They sound really good and I`m impressed that they come in so many different flavours! For some reason though these types of bars are so expensive – do you find that too?


  2. Do you often get invitations from companies to try or review their products?


    1. Sometimes yes 🙂 Though i only agree if its something i want to try and something i could stand for promoting. BUt of course i always tell companies that if i don’t like the product i won’t post or promote it as that would just discredit me and i would love my validity. I would never promote something i didnt like or didnt believe in 🙂


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