Do i enjoy cooking food and creating recipes? & how much time do I spend cooking and thinking about food each day?

Do i enjoy cooking food and creating recipes? & how much time do I spend cooking and thinking about food each day?

My answer is both yes and no. First off I am not a cook and neither am I an recipe creator. Mostily I just throw food together into a pan or into a frying pan and just create something… there is no real recipe behind the food I make. Of course I could take the time to actually measure out food and write recipes and then I could call myself a recipe creator and share the creations I make… but for now I just create food or just throw simple food onto a plate and call it a meal.


Do I enjoy making food? Yes and no. It depends on what is going on in my life, somedays I just eat potatoes and avocados or roast some vegetables or make a simple lentil soup because I don’t have time, energy or creativity to make anything else. Othertimes I am thinking about all the foods I want to make but never actually make because it’s just me eating. Sometimes I wish my friends lived closer to me or that I had a partner so that I could certain dishes and share it with others….. because its just me eating I am often rather lazy when it comes to cooking. Its not so fun to make pies or cakes or buns when it is just me who is going to eat it.

Also… a lot of the times I don’t know what to eat. If I eat a lot fo the same thing for a while I can end up getting of the same food and think “wow, I am bored… what else is there to eat.” This is often when I am tired and have no creativity and can’t think past simple recipes. Also if I eat a lot of fiber I can end up with stomach pains and all food just makes me feel nauseous and just the thought of foo rich in fiber makes me feel ill, so then I can find it extremely hard to know what to eat as most vegan food – and the food I eat contains a lot of fiber. Those days I resort to bread or homemade scones or just some soy yoghurt with nuts and banana!

I do enjoy cooking, but not as much as some people think. Some people think I am a complete foodie and all I do is think about food or all I do is make food – that is not the case. Infact very little time is spent thinking or preparing food each day, and this is a good thing. This is how it should be. Unless you have a job as a cook or you have to work with food, I don’t think your whole day should be spent thinking about food. The only times I really think about food is 1) if I am extremely hungry and maybe sitting in a lecture, then I can begin thinking about what food I am craving and want to eat when I get the chance. And 2) when I begin to feel hungry and wonder what I should make for my next meal. Otherwise I really don’t spend so much time THINKING about food. However, I do see a lot of food on my social media everyday, but I don’t think a lot about food.

How much time do I spend making food? It depends, some days not at all, other days 2 hours when I am preparing meal boxes for the week or I have a certain dish I want to create. Cooking is therapeutic for me… I just put on a podcast and do some cooking and baking, but like I mentioned… its a lot more fun to eat when you share food and eat with others. But also because of limited food budget and limited time I usually eat the same thing over and over – however its also the food I love to eat so I have no problem eating it over and over.

So yes I am a food blogger, but I spend maybe 1 hour a day MAX thinking and preparing food and I still have my days and moments where I have no idea what to make or what to eat. And I usually eat the same thing, but I am trying to be more creative… not just for my own sake but also to help inspire others with different, simple and still nutritious plant based meals!

Snapchat-781633696I am surprised that i don’t burn food more often, haha.

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  1. Well, the meals you “create” often inspire me anyway! I`m totally in agreement where you say about eating alone – its not so much fun making a meal or a cake or something if its only you that’s going to eat it. Maybe you could have shared dinner nights with your house mates occasionally?


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