Watching vegan documentaries & videos – Masterpost over vegan documentaries and videos to watch.

I was recently asked in an email whether i have watched any vegan documentaries and if i had any to recommend, and also my opinion on them.

So first off, i have watched a few vegan documentaries such as cowspiracy, forks over knives and what the health. But i have yet to see Earthlings. And i have seen some youtube video clips as well as the swedish Djurfabriken which i do recommend all swedish people watch (and even non swedes.) Video HERE. Below i will write a list of other documentaries and films which might be worth while to watch if you want to make more of a connection or just have a reminder why you are vegan/should go vegan.

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So, do i recommend watching vegan documentaries and videos? Yes i do… for most people anyway. For example if you want to learn more about the meat and dairy industry or to learn more about the cruelty behind eggs or why eating fish isn’t any better than eating red meat when it comes to animal cruelty. Or if you just want to make more of a connection. So for those who want to learn more or are half way vegan then it can be a good idea. When it comes to the health and food documentaries, unfortunately they can often be seen as a little too much propaganda and facts that aren’t always correct. For example the documentary “What the health”. That documentary has made many people go vegan, which is amazing, however using the argument that a vegan diet is the healthiest isn’t always true and if people go vegan just to be the most healthy it might not be a long term change. However if you go vegan for ethical reasons it is hard to argue against and if something becomes new, trendy and “healthy” you still won’t go against your ethical beliefs.

I don’t personally watch all the vegan clips as i can find it a little too heart breaking and instead it just makes me feel sad, anxious, angry, frustrated and does more harm than good. However at times i find it is also a good reminder as to why i choose to be vegan. For example if i am standing in the store, too tired to search what deodorants or dish washing powder or soap are cruelty free and vegan and i think “does it really matter”, but then when i remember the videos i’ve seen of the poor animals who have different chemicals and products tested on them, then i remember why YES it does matter and make a difference. So every now and then i might see a video on facebook which shows animal cruelty videos or videos from slaughterhouses and i may not watch it all… but enough to remind me why i am vegan and why my choices matter and make a difference! So even if you are sensitive and find that those videos can make you feel anxious or sad, it can be a helpful reminder.

I know some people find those types of videos too much, for example my sister can’t watch them as it leaves her sleepless and with anxiety, instead she says that she can read about the facts or have me tell her the facts without having to see it visually. I personally would prefer if she saw the videos as it is easier to have that connection and sometimes you need to just face the cold hard facts of how things are and running from the truth won’t do anyone any good. That’s what most people do…. they don’t want to see the documentaries or films because they know it will upset them, but then you have to ask yourself why are we letting it happen everyday and every moment? If you can’t even watch the real life videos because you know it will make you sad, then why are you ok with it happening in real life?

It also makes me wonder sometimes when people see those types of videos and are just ok with it…. they don’t care. That scares me. It is one thing to not be aware and be oblivious to the truth and its another thing to know and not care. BUt everyone is different i guess.

My suggestion is that even if you are sensitive, i think it can be helpful to watch the documentaries because it will stick with you alot more and impact you alot harder than just reading or hearing facts. You need to make that actual connection for you to know why you should eat more plant based/live a more vegan lifestyle. Many say they don’t want to watch the videos because it will impact them too much… but isn’t that the exact reason why you should watch them.. because they SHOULD impact you. The whole reason is that you SHOULD make a change.

Below are some documentaries listed which you can watch if you feel you need a reminder or if you have never seen them before.

Swedish Djurfabriken about how the industry looks in Sweden.


  1. Forks Over Knives
  2. Vegucated
  3. Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
  4. Hungry for Change
  5. Average Joe on the Raw
  6. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
  7. King Corn
  8. Food, Inc. 
  9. The Processed People
  10. Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World
  11. Making the Connection Series: NutritionFoodFitness
  12. Fresh
  13. Forks Over Knives Presents: The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue
  14. Food Fight
  15. Food Matters
  16. May I be Frank
  17. Fast Food Nation
  18. Super Size Me
  19. The Beautiful Truth

Animal Industry

  1. Meet Your Meat
  2. Earthlings
  3. A Cow at My Table
  4. Making the Connection Series: Ethics
  5. I Am an Animal
  6. Speciesism

The Environment

  1. The Secret Life of Plants
  2. Flow
  3. Making the Connection Series: EnvironmentGlobal Food SecurityFarming
  4. Queen of the Sun
  5. Fresh
  6. The Cove


  1. Year of the Dog
  2. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
  3. Babe
  4. Chicken Run
  5. Okja – on netflix


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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Lily says:

    Wow, it’s scary to think about the fact that I saw the movie Babe when I was little, and was still fed with red meat by the same patents who bought the dvd. It’s strange to think back on how much meat I could eat, thank god it’s over…


    1. Yes…. its so strange when you think about things like that. How i could sit and eat chicken and then cuddle my dog. Or eat a bacon sandwich and watch Babe at the same time.. 😦


  2. I watched the Swedish video you suggested at the start of your post and indeed found it very hard hitting. It is one thing thinking you “know” what goes on with animal meat production , it is quite another actually seeing it for yourself. I can understand why and how people turn Vegan due to ethical reasons. It made me so angry and yet so sad to see what went on with those poor animals.
    Thankyou for posting this and for listing all the other documentaries. I cannot understand how anyone could be capable of watching them yet remain unneffected by what they have seen.


  3. If you didn’t eat “fake meat”, what would be your main source of protein? I dislike soya – well actually it dislikes me, and Quorn products are not gluten free so I`m at a bit of a loss as to where to find adequate protein? Can you get adequate amounts from beans and just what is the recommended level of protein you should be having each day?


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