Green lentil mix – vegan dish

Hello 🙂

Feels like a while (Monday?) since i posted a recipe…. at the moment there hasn’t been much time to try new dishes or be creative with food, it has mostly just been throwing different precooked foods into a bowl/lunch box. Usually 1-2 times a week i cook up a bunch of potatoes in different ways, soak and boil beans, cook lentils and then have frozen vegetables which i can then heat up and mix with the rest of the items i have precooked. Also having precooked lentils, beans and potatoes is good if you want to make burgers or balls because then you can just throw everything into a mixer, or if you want to make some type of wok you can just throw the precooked lentils and potatoes into a pan with some veggies and makes a simple and delicious meal!


Anyway, i did want to share a “little” recipe with you right now, one of my favourite combinations at the moment. There are no exact measurements, just ingredients.

Green lentils

Black beans

Sweet corn



(Optional, add cooked and cubed potatoes/sweet potatoes)

Mix it all together, add some salt and pepper and making a garlic kebab sauce (from oat cream and soy yoghurt) and adding crushed peanuts on top adds the perfect crunch. And top with hummus and/or guacamole!

This combination right here is my favourite. I usually don’t buy cucumber or tomatoes as they aren’t in season and the swedish ones cost so much, but right now this combination is all i want to eat!

Just looking at this pictures makes me want to eat the mix for breakfast, hahah!

It is a simple and nutritious meal with a good source of carbs, protein, fiber and healthy fats if you add peanuts/hummus/guacamole (or all 3 :)). And if you combine this meal with bread you will also have a complete protein source meaning a complete meal…. so what’s not to love! Also can be eaten hot or cold 🙂




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  1. How long do cooked beans keep for in the fridge?
    This combination looks delicious btw – love the simple garlic sauce you made to go with it too !


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