Talking about gratitude

Daily gratitude is something i strongly believe in, and something i believe helps with a positive mindset and a positive life.

It is so easy to miss things when they are gone and only ever really appreciate situations, people or life when times are tough and those things/times are gone. It is so easy to live life in a blur, focusing on everything you want and don’t have but forgetting to appreciate what you DO have right now. Appreciate life how it is right now, even if you want to change things. In some situations it can feel extremely tough to be grateful, at times you ask yourself why do all these negative things keep happening to me but i can promise you that thinking negatively won’t help you or help the situation. Instead maybe you can be thankful for that you wake up each morning and actually DO something to change the situation. If you just complain and don’t work towards a solution or better situation or change your mindset about the situation you won’t feel any better.



I don’t know whether i have easier to be grateful for things in life because i have had things taken away from me and have lost things in my life. For example, because of all the different illnesses i have suffer and do suffer with i know what it’s like to not be allowed outside, to not get to see daylight, to not be allowed to move my body, not be allowed to control my day, not allowed to choose what to eat or when, not been able to breathe, not been able to wake up in the morning, not been able to appreciate life or want to live life, and so much more. But because of this, i appreciate life so much more. I am thankful that i can MOVE my body because i know what it’s like to not be allowed but also to be in so much pain that i can’t exercise. I am thankful that i can breathe and go for walks because i know what it’s like to sit in the sofa or lie in my bed and gasp for air either due to panic attacks or because of my Cystic fibrosis. I am thankful for all the small things in my life, and thankful for what i do have even if i of course like to focus on my goals and what i WANT in life. 

I can appreciate my life, appreciate different situations (if i’m in a bad situation it’s not so easy to be grateful but in the future i look back on those situations and realise i learnt and grew from them and can be thankful for that. Even if at the time i felt panicked, scared, anxioused or stressed.), but at the same time i also work towards changing the situation. For example, i can appreciate that i have an amazing apartment to live in and money each month to pay my bills and buy food, but i still work towards having my own apartment and earning more of my own money. You can appreciate your body and your health while still working towards a healthier body!

My suggestion to you all…. don’t want until things are gone until you appreciate them. Many people say, they never really appreciate being able to smell through their nose or taste food until they end up with a cold and can’t do those things.  Don’t be that person…. appreciate being able to taste food, smell different smells, move your body …. everyday!

See the positives as much as possible even if somedays the only positive is that you got to drink some tea and read a book!

Also, be grateful for the people you love and the people who make you happy in life, because you never know what could happen. So a good reminder is to never stay mad at people, or atleast forgive as much as possible to those you really care about.

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  1. Taking time out just to be thankful for what we have and to appreciate the small things that we take for granted is not a bad thing to do in my book. It makes us more aware of just what we do have and encourages us to stay positive in life.


    1. Exactly! Small things in life and appreciating the good moments, even if somedays it is just the smallest of things! 🙂 Helps stay positive and humble according to me.


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