When is the best time to workout?

Morning workout or evening workout…. doesn’t it really matter when you workout?

The answer is no…. the best time to workout is when you have time to workout.  Of course it may not be advised to do a super tough workout late at night so that you end up having top much energy and can’t go to sleep.  Then it would be better to maybe go for a walk or do yoga which can tire you and make you sleepy instead of energetic!

I’m the type of person who prefers morning workouts. I’d much rather workout at 6am than 6pm. I feel I have most energy in the mornings and if I plan to workout super early I’ll eat a big night snack and then eat breakfast after my workout the next day.

Recently though I’ve been working out on the afternoon or evenings mostly because of lectures or because of essay writing. Recently I’ve been feeling this stress and anxiety in the morning and I can’t quite let go of school stress when working out in the morning and I rush the workout so i can get to school or get home and begin writing meaning that the workout is rushed and not really enjoyed. So instead I’ve begun by studying and doing my school work in the morning and THEN going to the gym to workout.  Surprisingly it has gone really well and I’ve also had a different sort of energy when I’ve Eaten 2-3 meals before I workout compared to having eaten my previous meal c.a 8-12 hours previously. It also means that I can workout without the stress of school work which has to be done.

I’ll always be a person who enjoys morning workouts best, but I’ve realised that working out in the evening isn’t so bad and it’s a nice break from sitting all day.

So when is the best time to workout? When you have the time… whether that’s 30 minutes during our lunch break or 60 minutes after school or maybe a late yoga workout . … whatever time suits your schedule is the best 🙂

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  1. I think it largely depends on your own individual “body clock” – if you are a morning person or an evening person. My partner always goes to the gym early evening about 6.00pm as that what suits his energy levels the best. Me on the other hand am definitely a morning person (although I don`t go to the gym) as that’s when I feel most energetic. Sometimes having a different routine to your day gives you an energy boost too – its good that you`ve found a new pattern that suits you!
    If you don`t mind me asking – is that a new tattoo on your leg?


    1. Very true. Many people get caught up in the small details such as when is the best time to workout, when it really doesn’t matter… just being active is what matters not so much what time of the day. When it fits your schedule and when you have energy is the best time 🙂
      No i got that tattoo last autumn, so it is my second “newest” haha 🙂


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