Chia Go snack – product review

I feel like this blog is just turning into product reviews hahah… but what’s wrong with ghat? It’s always good to get an honest review about a product. And of course I always write an honest review and if something is sponsored I’ll let you know, otherwise I’ve bought the product with my own money!

So, i decided to try this new chia on the go snack! unfortunately I didn’t take a picture until I had finished the snack but that atleast shows that it was yummy hahah.


It’s a small 150g chia seed pudding and comes in 2 different flavours: Apple, Kiwi, Spirulina and the other flavour, mango, passion fruit & turmeric. (Need to buy this flavour next time!!)


I personally love chia seed pudding, even if i don’t make or buy it so often. Chia seeds are a great source of omega 3, infact just 2tbs a day is enough to fill your daily requirement of omega 3, which is awesome as a vegan. (So really i should eat chia seeds more often. Note, that chia seeds should be soaked for them to be absored properly, but also to not cause blockage in your intestines as they absorb water.)

As mentioneda above, i really liked this snack. It was easy to eat i.e easy to squeeze out of the package and there didn’t seem to be anything stuck in the package afterwards. I was also worried that the spirulina taste would be too much, but considering it is only 0,3% spirulina powder it wasn’t noticable at all…. also note, with that little amount you won’t be getting any of the positive effects of spirulina either, so i think they just mention the spirulina as people will think “oh, that’s healthy” and buy the product. Those little marketing tips and using “superfoods” to sell their product!

If you are on the go, for example need to catch a train or want a quick snack and don’t want to buy a raw food bar or don’t have time to eat a soya quark yoghurt or don’t want nuts or fruit, then i would recommend this as an on the go snack. It is a little pricy though, 26kr… and the money saver in me couldn’t help but feel a little bitter of the price (hahaha.) I mean for 26kr i could have bought an xxl coffee and 2 bananas, or bought more than 1kg bananas XD But most of the on-the-go snacks are expensive, and i wanted to try it to give my opinion on here 🙂

Personally i think it is cheaper to buy a 500g bag of chia seeds and make your own chia seed pudding at home and bring to school or work, but this is definitely an acceptable, filling and yummy snack if you are out and about 🙂 Not to mention very hassle-free to eat!

Image result for Chia go

(Do you like when i make product reviews?)

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  1. selviafei says:

    Yummm 😋😋😋 make me wanna try one..


  2. I think writing product reviews is a great idea!
    I really like chia puddings and these sound delicious. My regular shop has started selling them now – either vanilla bean (which I brought this week) or coconut and lemon, which I will try next time! They come in little pots with a spoon on the lid. They are expensive though, considering they are single serving size but they were on special introductory offer so I thought I`d try them. I really should buy my own chia seeds too and make my own, but sometimes its nice to have a “ready made” product 🙂


    1. That sounds delicious! it is much cheaper to make your own and then you can add whatever flavours and milk* you want as well as toppings. But of course it is a good on the go snack if you are out and about!


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