Simple lentil, bean and veggie dinner

When it comes to making food i like it to be quick, easy and nutritious. I’m not a huge fan of food that has 101 different ingredients and takes 3 hours to cook. Instead i just want it to be quick… mostly because i don’t really plan what i am going to eat until i am hungry and then i don’t want it to take a long time until i can actually eat.

One of my favourite lazy dinners, or lunches is just to throw the beans and lentils and potatoes which are precooked into a pan and fry – preferably with a whole lot of garlic, ginger and chilli! This is a good way to use potatoes which have begun to taste a little dry or stale from being left in the fridge a few days too long, but also to use up the last of your beans or veggies. An amazing “left overs” meal, where you could even fry up left over pasta or rice instead of potates, and use the last of all the veggies you have at home. When i was younger this is what we used to do at the end of the week before going grocery shopping, but then we would make an omelette or potatoe tortilla out of it… so if you eat eggs, you could do that. But i of course promote going fully plant based and then this vegan meal is a good idea!



Left over potatoes/pasta/rice.


Pre cooked beans & lentils.

Spices: Garlic, salt, black pepper.

Optional: Add tofu, seitan, other soy product.

Sauce: Alpro soya, peanut butter and sweet chili sauce.

Fry everything together in oil and eat warm!


It’s filling, nutritious, takes about 10 minutes to heat and cook. It is filled with protein, fiber, carbs and if you add avocado, nuts/nut butter or if you fry in oil you will be adding healthy fats to make it a complete meal 🙂

This is one of the “behind the scenes/real life” type of meals i eat i.e where everything is mixed together and more real life food, hahah!


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  1. barbara says:

    Hi izzy! i really like your new blog! im an old follower from the previous one , i like the approach that u have now , i also used to suffer from an eating disorder so its nice to see how you have develop to other subjects that are really useful as a vegan and an university girl.
    i have some question about how much time leftovers can lat in your refrigerator before they gone bad especially lentils and beans and if u can do more often what i ate on a day videos bc they are really useful and fun.
    all the best


    1. Thank you:) I am glad you like my blog and decided to follow along to this blog!! Beans and lentils should last 4-7 days, however i would go by your senses… i.e if it looks strange, smells strange or tastes strange then it might have gone bad. But it should last several days as long as it is kept cool!
      At the moment i won’t be doing any what i eat in a day vlogs as i don’t feel comfortable filming with my room mate home, but in the future when i have my own place i will try to do those and other vlogs 🙂


  2. You are so organized with your meal prep!
    I was going to ask the same thing about how long cooked beans and lentils keep in the fridge – and about hummous too?


    1. Hhaha thank you! Well it is the only way to survive uni according to me… otherwise i would be broke and hungry!! Hmmm, it depends but it should last 3-7 days. It is not like rice or meat where it can go bad. However my best suggestion is to go by your senses. Does it smell bad or have a strange taste when you try it then it might have gone bad or if it looks strange. What you could do with beans and lentils is freeze half of what you cook. The beans and lentils i could usually don’t last more than 3-4 days anyway as i eat it for both lunch and dinner so havent really had the opportunity to know whether it lasts longer than 5 days 🙂


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