Changes since going vegan

What is your biggest change in your mental state since you went vegan? (ex happiness, how you feel surrounded by nature)

I feel alot more compassionate now. To be honest, i didn’t go vegan because i am an animal lover. Cows scare me… i think piglets are cute but not so much the big pigs…. i’ve never been a lover of cats or horses…. i’ve seen so many sheep and goats in my life from living in Ireland that they aren’t something i care deeply for. HOWEVER since going vegan i can say i care alot more for animals now than before… Now i feel more compassionate and it upsets me to see all types of animals in pain or being tortured or hurt. You don’t have to be an animal lover to go vegan. I went vegan because i knew i couldnt contribute to the suffering of animals even if i personally didn’t have a connection to the animals. Some people think you have to love animals to be vegan, but that is not the case… you can go vegan/eat more plantbased just because you know it is the right thing to do, not because you are super passionate about saving animals.  Now i feel alot more connected with them in a way and alot more passionate about all animals and saving animals … sounds strange maybe.

Also being out in nature is something i love alot more. Taking care of the planet. I was always someone who recycled, never littered, did my best to think environmentally friendly as best i could…. but when i went vegan i began caring more about the planet and trying to do even more. Of course i am not perfect and there are many things i could improve, but atleast i try as much as i can!


Happiness levels? Stress levels? Anxiety levels? Change in my body?


Answering this is so hard because i went vegan right after having some health problems and also began recovering from my depression a little while after going vegan, so it is hard to answer whether i am happier and less stressed now compared to before because i am vegan or because i am no longer depressed. Anxiety wise…. it’s better, but i think that is due to better coping mechanisms and not so much my diet. Change in my body? I personally don’t think my body has changed so much… when i first went vegan and due to my health problems at the time i lost alot of weight which i then had to regain, but i don’t think my body has changed anything in the past 1,5 years as a vegan.

And many ask about the change in my skin, hair, nails since going vegan.

Once again it is hard to answer… i think my skin improved when i stopped consuming so much dairy, and my hair improved when i stopped bleaching my hair so much. Infact, many compliment my hair because it is so thick and volumonous…. not sure if that is because of my diet, because i stopped dying and bleaching my hair or if it’s just naturally that way. When i was struggling with my eating disorder i have very brittle and thin hair which would almost fall out at times… so i am thankful that has changed.

Changes i have noticed since going vegan is that 1) I eat alot more nutritious and varied now compared to before – also more colourful! 2) I eat alot more carbs and feel more full, 3) I have more energy – most days. However my energy levels depends on so much more than just what food i eat.

Also there has been no difference in strength or fitness levels due to my diet. The only thing that has been a hinder is my previous injuries that sometimes flare up and also my CF health, but no muscle loss or strength loss from my change in diet 🙂


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  1. Sarah says:

    Hey Izzy. This comment isnt meant to be ofensive or provocative! I am just interested. If vegans are against testing on animals, then on what thing/creature testing should be done? And i really like your new blog 🙂


    1. This is a great question and something i haven’t thought so much about. So i plan to answer you in a post once i have done a little more information 🙂 All i know is that it is wrong to test on animals, but like you wrote… if they don’t test on animals what should they test on to make sure that ingredients are safe… 🙂 So i will get back to you on this once i have done a little more research into this field!


      1. Sarah says:

        Thanks for answer in advance. You are so kind 🙂


  2. Do you wish you had gone vegan sooner or wished you had been raised as a vegan rather than making the change yourself as an adult?


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