Get to know me better – random questions

Hello 🙂 So i made a post on my IG on Monday mentioning that i would be doing a “Get to know me better” post, and here it is, i got questions both on my post and via DM so hopefully i haven’t missed anyones questions 🙂 (** note, i shortened some of the questions to make them more clear)

There weren’t so many questions about who i am, how old i am, what i’m doing (which i guess is because i have already said it so many times and have it in my IG bio.) But if you have any questions you can always comment below and i will try my best to answer your question.

Do you think in Swedish or English & are you more comfortable speaking/writing/reading in English or Swedish?

Answering this questions is always rather hard because i never know what language i think in….. it all depends who i am with  and what i am doing. For example when i am online and using social media i usually think and write in english but when i am in school and talking with my friends i think in swedish! I am most comfortable writing, reading and speaking in English but am fine doing it in Swedish as well, however i still struggle with some Swedish grammar at times. All of my studies have been in Swedish the past 6-7 years so i have learnt to write and read in Swedish, but i am most comfortable with English.

(For those of you who don’t know i lived in  Ireland until 2010 and then moved to Sweden with my family – my mum is Swedish – and i could only speak swedish but not write or read swedish.)

Why did you go vegan? Did you go vegan overnight?

I am going to write a whole post about my transition to veganism as so many people have been curious and wondering. But yes, i went vegan over night. And why? It was for health reasons and ethical reasons and i was curious to see if i could do it. But it also just felt right… i had been watching videos and documentaries and doing my research but i felt like i had just been trying to hide from the truth because i didn’t want to make a change or admit the truth behind the meat and dairy i was eating. But once i just decided to make a change i did….

Are you dating anyone now? Would you date someone who isn’t vegan?

No i am not dating anyone at the moment, i’m not someone who is scared of being alone and don’t feel i “need to” be in a relationship. What happens, happens i guess. And i’ve written a post HERE about my thoughts regarding dating a non vegan 🙂

What was your favourite food before you went vegan?

I liked all of the food i ate before i  went vegan. I.e yes i liked the taste of chicken, quark, milk chocolate, cottage cheese etc but it is nothing i miss now because there are so many substitutes and alternatives as a vegan. Sure it doesn’t taste the same or have the same texture but i dont miss any non vegan foods….. or well, i do miss being able to buy all ifferent kinds of chocolate and crazy/different chocolate types. The vegan chocolate available is good, but it’s kind of boring. However i wouldn’t give up my ethical beliefs just for some milk chocolate, instead i will have to make my “unique” chocolates with different fillings etc


How many avocados do you eat in a week?

I usually buy 2-3 avocados a week 🙂 I eat 1/2 avocado 3-4 days a week, somedays a whole one if i am making guacamole! Recently i have been thinking about my avocado consumption though… it really isn’t so environmentally friendly, just like why i don’t buy cucumber so often because it has to be imported apparently growing avocados and the whole process isn’t so good. So i am thinking maybe i should limit my avocado consumption because of that… Maybe stick to one avocado a week. I don’t know… i am going to do more research into this and see what i decide… because the truth is I dont NEED to eat avocado, but i like it… however there are other sources of fat i can consume instead, such as hummus, and have mayb 1 avocado a week. Though, because of my past with an eating disorder i don’t feel like making any rules about what i can and can’t eat and realise that just eating a vegan diet makes a huge difference, i don’t need to go over the top and only buy swedish and local because that would put up a lot of restrictions and i don’t feel i need that in my life. This was just some thoughts i have had!


Are you going to get anymore tattoos?

Yes i plan to get a half sleeve or maybe a full sleeve 🙂 It’s just about having enough money and also being certain with what i want. I have reached the stage that i feel not every tattoo needs a strong meaning and i don’t need to spend 1-1,5 years thinking about the tattoo before i do it. But i still want to be sure that it is right. Also i am being slightly affected by my family who keep telling me to not get anymore tattoos, and even if i try to not let it bother me and just do what i want because it is my body and i want the tattoos, i can’t help but feel slightly impacted by them repeatedly telling me to not get any more 😦 But i do want atleast a half sleeve!!



Where do you live?

In Sweden 🙂

What would be your perfect idea of a holiday? (Where would you go, with whom, what would you do, see etc? )

This is a great question! I think i would want to travel somewhere such as L.A, California, Florda or San Fransciso…. I want to travel somewhere warm where i can 1) be out and about and just wear summer clothes, 2) go hiking and do lots of outside stuff, 3) lie on a beach or by a pool and tan!, 4) Eat lots of trendy and healthy food (hahaha.) I hate to be stereotypical but i wish i could spend my days just being out in nature, hiking and working out, then going to some trendy health food spot and drinking green juice, eating salad bowls and vegan donuts, then going to the beach and also working online and helping people, hahahah. I hate to admit that that is a goal of mine, but i can’t deny it XD

I would want to travel with my sister i think…. because we both love to workout, both love eating nutritious food, both like to explore and see new things i feel like it would be nice to travel with her. Even if we have our arguments hahaha.

I would also like to visit countries in the E.U such as Berlin, Paris (again), Amsterdam, Barcelona (and of course the smaller cities in different countries!). But then it would be all about exploring the city and not so much about being out in the sun.

Does anything make you angry?

Well animal cruelty and the meat and dairy industry makes me angry. People harming others. All forms of abuse and violence. I am not the type of person to get angry at smaller things, i usually keep my cool and stay calm. HOWEVER there are three things i have recently thought about that make me irritated….

1) Groups of people who take up the whole walk way. And of course, we’ve all done it when walking in a group….. but when someone is trying to walk past and nobody moves or makes a space for the person to walk through it can get a little irritating!

2) Cyclists who don’t cycle in their lane. Here in Sweden alot of the walk paths are divided up into a walk lane and a cycle lane, and it has happened one too many times where cyclists are on the walk lane DESPITE there being no other cyclists on the bicycle lane, and also the lanes being clearly marker as walk/cycle. But what irritates me is when the cyclist expects the walking person to move/switch lane and they just pling their bell even though they are the ones on the wrong lane…. Yup, it’s happened far too many times and it does make me irritated.

3) And lastly… i am not someone to get irritated or angry over things. But i must admit, getting emails from companies who have done no research is starting to get irritating. Companies that want me to promote non vegan products or skinny teas, and keep sending me messages, or companies who want to advertise on my previous blog and keep sending remind messages. With one quick look at my previous blog you will see that i havent updated in several months, and so the chance of me making a new post with advertisement isn’t so realistic. Of course i understand most of those companies aren’t serious companies. The companies that are serious don’t do that type of stuff and they most often do their research, for example if a company sells both vegan and non vegan products they will reach out to me and specifically ask me if i want to try their vegan products…. while an unserious company would just ask me to try/promote their product despite it not being vegan.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hey, why is your family against more tatoos?


    1. They’ve always been sort of anti tattoos and don’t think they are “proper” and give off the wrong impression. Though that’s just their opinion. So far they have liked all my tattoos and think they are ok and suit me i.e a good design with alot of meaning . But they definitely aren’t keen with the idea of me doing a sleeve or half sleeve. But my body and my rules…. but I am of course effected when they say that tattoos don’t look good. :/


  2. If you enjoy your avocados then I would continue to buy them! If I were to only buy produce in the shops that were grown here and in season I would have next to nothing to buy. Although out of season fruit and veg to me doesn’t taste as good as when it is properly “in season” and it is a little more expensive. But that seems to be the way of things now, so much fruit and veg seems to be imported and much of it is available all the year round. As a child I used to look forward to the summer for the strawberries and nectarines but now you can buy them all the time!


  3. Tattoos are very individual thing and I think it is really up to you to make that choice whether you have them or not. Yes, you respect other peoples opinions but at the end of the day it is your body and your life. I`m not really into tattoos myself but I think they can look very good on other people. When it comes down to it its what you like, and if you think they look ok that’s all that matters.


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