Matcha latte and vegan chocolate ball

I don’t often go to cafes so i am not so aware of the sortiment in the different cafes because when i do go i usually just order coffee with oat milk. Most places in larger cities in Sweden have oatmilk as an option for their coffee and i am usually shocked when it isnt available, but also shocked when it costs more to add oatmilk… yup, thats happened and i don’t think it is ok.

On Thursday my step dad was in town so we met up for a short while before he had to get the train back to Stockholm. We sat at Espresso House where they offer a wide range of vegan food, ranging from vegan sandwiches, vegan lattes and frappucinos to vegan oatmeal, chia pudding (i think), vegan wraps and smoothies as well as vegan cookies and chocolate balls. I was actually surprised at how much there was available. I am loving the progress and how so many cafes and restaurants are offering more vegan food!!


I settled for a chocolate ball and a matcha latte – and both tasted amazing. You can read more about the benefits of matcha HERE. However i drank it because i love it and also because it is green, hahaha.

It was great to catch up with my step dad even if it was just for a short while.


A downside though was that 15 minutes after having eaten the chocolate ball and drank the latte i got ALOT of stomach cramps… i got a little skeptical as to whether the latte was based on oatmilk or not. It wasn’t me who made the order, however i know my step dad would have specifically said oatmilk… though it didn’t taste like oatmilk (or maybe it is just me being paranoid), or who knows… maybe it was something in the chocolate ball. But the cramps lasted for several hours and i had to just curl into a ball when i got home. Not sure what that was… whether maybe i did consume lactose or something non vegan, it is the only thing i can think it could be. HOWEVER i want to give espresso house the benefit of the doubt and hope that wasn’t the case!! There is no point being super paranoid and feeling the need to watch the food/drink being prepared, that’s not a healthy relationship with food.

How are the cafes and restaurants where you live, do they offer many vegan options?

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  1. Sarah says:

    I actually tried the matcha latte a couple of weeks ago to see what the fuzz was about, but I have to say it tasted like hay.. Had to throw it away because it was so disgusting ^^ I’ll just stick to my caffe latte! Do you like that?


  2. Its a very poor choice of different food available in the cafes and restaurants around where I live, although I think if I lived in one of the larger towns or somewhere like London then there would be more choice and possibly even Vegan specific restaurants. I don`t know as I haven’t been to London for ages – maybe I should go on a sightseeing trip someday and check out the restaurant scene! Around here it is country pubs and they offer a few vegetarian options on their menus and that’s about it – and then its the standard salad choice or pasta. However I have noticed that these pub restaurants also cater a lot better now for gluten free, which I guess is a plus!
    On the whole I would say that even the towns closest to where I live cater better for vegetarians than for vegans. Whether that is because there is just not a call for vegan food ie not so many vegans as there are vegetarians or its just that they haven’t “caught up” yet? On a plus note though the shops are beginning to offer a wider range of free from food, gluten free and some specific vegan lines so maybe this is the start of a growing awareness? But we have such a long way to go before its anything like what you have in Sweden. You are so lucky!
    It was nice that you got to meet up with your step dad but a shame you got stomach pains! Hope you are recovered now? It could have been the chocolate and the latte mix was a little rich for you?


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