Vegan snickers recipe

October 31st, Halloween which is usually associated with candy…. and well as a vegan i didn’t want to miss out. Also, snickers has – and is one of my favourite type of candy bars. Before i have made a protein version of snicker using protein powder and oatflour, however it was just a trial run and never got around to taking photos or wanting to share the recipe.


Making vegan snickers really isn’t so hard… you want the base which should be similar to nougat, and then the sweet caramel combined with the salty peanuts and of course the chocolate coating to finish it off…. a sweet and salty candy bar which leaves you wanting more!!

You can make the base – and even the caramel sauce – in many different ways, ranging from coconut flour and protein powder to just dates and nuts or even using chickpeas. I settled with something in between, i.e dates, oats, coconut oil. And the caramel sauce is just a simple one made from dates.

As usual, i suck at actually measuring or weighing out the ingredients when i make my creations, but i will try my best to estimate and share my recipe. But my best suggestion is to add more/less of an ingredient depending on the texture and taste… i.e how many dates you need and how much salt depends on what dates or salt you use!

Recipe: Makes c.a 5 snickers bar


C.a 1,5-2dl rolled oats

c.a 10 dates, pitted

1,2-3tbs peanut butter

c.a 1,5 tbs coconut oil (NOT melted)

Caramel sauce:

c.a 15 dates, pitted

c.a 1 tbs water (add more if/when necessary)

c.a 1 tbs oatcream (soya works as well)

Sea salt (can omit – but i wanted the caramel sauce to have a touch of saltness)

& salted peanuts

c.a 150g Dark chocolate

More coconut oil (c.a 1tbs)


How to:

Begin with adding all the ingredients for the base into a food mixer and mixing together. Add more of the ingredients if necessary. The “dough” should stick together enough to be able to shape it and scrape out from the mixer without everything falling apart. Form into the size/shape you want and place on a plate which has been covered with tinfoil or baking paper. Place into freezer while you prepare the caramel sauce.

Place all the ingredients for the caramel sauce into a food processer and mix – add more liquid and/or salt as necessary. Note… it is better to make too much caramel than too little. So add more dates if you feel that the caramel sauce won’t be enough. Note… the sauce should not be too liquidy, it should hold together but also not be a clump.

Take out the base/nougat from the freezer and place the caramel sauce on top and add peanuts. (You can either mix the peanuts into the caramel sauce once it is done, or just place on top of the caramel sauce.) Then place the bars into the fridge while you melt the chocolate.

You can melt the dark chocolate in the microwave or by a water bath where you boil water in a pan and place a plate (which can manage the heat) on top with the chocolate in it. Stir in melted coconut oil to make the chocolate more liquid and not as thick.

Take out the bars from the fridge and coat in chocolate. Note, once you have coated the top, place back into the freezer for c.a 10 minutes before coating the bottom and then placing back into the freezer.

Eat and enjoy! Best kept in the fridge or freezer.




Note, this base is not the same as an actual snickers, but it works well anyway. You can of course use another base such as with chickpeas or flours or protein powder.

If you try this recipe, let me know what you think!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. These look so good! (you really are amazing with your “creations”!
    Have you ever tried the ice cream choc-ice bar version of snickers? Not sure if you could veganize this? I should imagine the peanuts,ice cream and chocolate would be simple enough but not sure how you`d go about the base or the caramel?
    I`d love to hear your ideas if you can think of something that may work – they do mars bar ice cream versions too, and they`re really nice as well.


    1. Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you.
      I kept the snickers frozen so they were like the snickers ice cream! And of coruse you could chop the snickers into small pieces and then mix into banana ice cream or coconut ice cream and make a snickers ice cream that way 🙂


      1. That’s a great idea – going to try that, thanks!


  2. Have you any ideas how to replace the nougurt on a mars bar? or the brittle caramel in a Dime bar?


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