Are you eating what you want to eat or what Instagram wants to see?

This post may not be relevant to everyone – mostly to instagram foodies!

The first thing i need to clarify is that there is a difference between people who are food photographers/stylists where their job is to photograph food or make recipes to share, and so the food they make has the purpose to attract readers attention. There is a difference between food photographers who put alot of time and effort into their photography and editing and their purpose isn’t to show !look, this is what i ate”, compared to people like myself where i just share some of my meals. So i am just an instagram foodie and not a food photographer or stylist.

So this post is mainly to those like me… instagram foodies.

Second i want to clarify, that my instagram account is not a food diary. I.e i don’t all of my meals and i don’t always post as soon as i eat/make the meal. I only post what i want to post and of course i have chosen a sort of theme where i photograph in the same way all the time, i don’t vary so much. I AM aware of what gets likes. I AM aware of what my followers like to see (usually), so i will be the first to admit that after i take the instagram photo i mix the food together, add more sauce and often nuts and seeds on top for crunch. It is important to keep that in mind, that what i post is what i eat… but also within moderation because i often add more after the picture is taken and yes i keep to a certain style – so it is not 100% authentic. But i am also open with this fact. However it is also the meals I DO EAT AND ENJOY eating.


Yesterday i began thinking about how easy it is to lose touch with your own hunger and cravings when or if you are an instagram foodie. If you begin to focus too much on numbers, likes or what is trending it is easy that you make food that is trending even if you don’t like it. You you buy and prepare food but don’t even like it or eat it, but you do it just for the likes. I like to question myself when it comes to things like this and analyze my behaviour and habits. I.e am i eating this because i want to eat it or because it will look good on a photo or it will get likes. Such as if you go out to restaurants… do you order what you think will look good on photo or what you truly want? 


The food i make is also the food i want and crave. I have learnt to look past numbers and followers-  but i know not everyone can do that. We live in a society where we think we are defined by numbers and are worth is in numbers whether its grades, calories, weight, likes, friends, social media following etc.  But we aren’t defined by numbers. We are defined by our personalities, our likes, our friends, what we do with our lives, what we bring to the world, what we do with our time and how we help others.

If you are an instagram foodie i think you should take a moment to ask yourself…. are you eating the food you want to eat or the food you think instagram wants to see?

Oatmeal bowls may be trending, but maybe you hate oatmeal and just want to eat your cereal and oat milk. Or maybe you hate sweet potatoes but you see them all the time so you force yourself to make them and “pretend” to eat them…. or maybe you order something “instagram worthy” when going out to eat but it’s not even what you want to eat.

Be honest with yourself. Listen to your body. Eat the food you want to eat and enjoy. If you like taking photos of your food – do that (as long as it is not obsessive or compulsive!) Find balance and remember to eat FOR YOU and YOUR body. You are not defined by numbers.

I know this post may not be relatable to many. But we live in an age of social media and it was something i began thinking about as ive seen some stories of people saying their instagram food photos are fake and they don’t even eat the food.

(Which brings me to the topic that 1) never compare your food to what you see online because you NEVER know what the person actually eats. They may eat more, they may eat less, they may eat something you completely different. You never know. So just focus on what is best for you!!)

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  1. Very nice post.Personally I care more how delicious food it is.Not to do cute pic for insta etc.


  2. What is the point of going to all the trouble of preparing and cooking food if you have no intention of eating it ? It amazes me the lengths people will go to just to get “likes” for their food photos!
    Great post – you learn something everyday!


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