November goals – New course & more

New month and a new university course for me!!


It feels like i am counting down the days left of 2017 even though i don’t know why… there is nothing special happening in 2018 so i don’t know why i am looking forward to this year ending. All i can say is that this year has flown by and i barely know what i have done with the 10 months that have passed!

I only have 2 more courses left this semester, and my current course is “coaching” which i have mixed feelings about. I think it will be a very beneficial and inspiring course with alot of useful information. Alot of practical work and lectures almost everyday as well as alot of litterature reading. But it is not as intense as my previous course where i spent almost full days in school doing group work or at home writing on my own reports and essays and assignments due. So now hopefully it will be more freetime, my work will also include coaching others as well as reflecting over alot of things which will be beneficial for my future career – to coach others. How to inspire and motivate!

This month my goals are just to try to stay active, energetic and happy. Almost everyday autumn/winter the past 4 years i have fallen into a type of winter depression and this year i want to try my best to not let that happen… of course it is easier said than done. But i want to try to get out and go for a walk most days – even if i won’t do it everyday because of time/energy/motivation.

Try to have a regular sleep schedule and not stay up too late, and try to get up at the same time even the days i am free. Usually in winter when it is dark outside my sleep routine goes out the window and i fall asleep way to late and wake up very late. Infact last December i missed almost all my 8am lectures because i would wake up at 9 or 10am and then head into school for my afternoon lectures hahaha.

Do things that make me happy and smile everyday. Take time for myself to listen to podcasts, listen to good music, bake and cook as all of those things i love and make me happy!

Less time on social media and more time living and experiencing life. Of course, when you are trying to build something from social media it means that you need to spend alot of time on social media but my goal is to be more effective on social media and use it wisely and not just as a time waster. Be more aware and present – which i am alot better at and being more effective when i use social media. I.e dedicating certain hours of the day to reply to comments and write posts and not just use social media all the time but never really get anything done!

Work towards my goals and dreams even if its just a small step somedays. Each day i can do something and those small steps count as well!

For now, that is all the goals i can think about….. pretty much the same goals i have each month hahaha. But these dark and cold winter months it is extra important for me to do things i love and make me happy and to stay as positive as i can as well as getting out into nature!!

Do you have any goals for this month/rest of the year? 🙂


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  1. Josephine says:

    oops.. i am the same in winter! find it very hard to get a good routine. Somehow thats way easier for me when there’s bright daylight in the morning. So hereby I vow to myself (:P) to get into a better routine with sleep as well! And not get up at 10 am every day just to feel so much behind of the day before it has even really begun yet.


    1. Its definitely hard to feel energetic and motivated when you barely see any daylight. But i guess i just need to let my body and mind adapt and make the best of these months nonetheless… thats what happens when you live in a cold country, cant escape the winter cold and darkness! Hope you manage to get into a good sleeping routine and make the best out of each day! 🙂


  2. Lucy says:

    These sound like great goals! I often struggle to stay motivated to do anything when autumn / winter comes around. I need to set my goals for this month too (:


    1. Taking time to set some goals, even small ones can make a difference, especially the months whenyou feel less energetic and motivated… then it can be a good reminder about what you should focus on! I cant wait until summer, but going to make the best of these winter months nonethless!


  3. M. says:

    you are such a good “motivator” and “coach” already that I imagine the course will be a breeze … I do hope there is *something* you can learn from it that you haven’t already mastered! it will be interesting to hear what …..

    people I know who suffer from winter depression tell me that the special lamps that you get that wake you up with natural light really, really help them. maybe worth a try?


    1. That is so kind, thank you 🙂 I am definitely learning alot from this course. A lot of reflecting and testing different skills and ways to structure up a coaching session and what to think about. It is very interesting and definitely something i want to keep working on to develop 🙂 I have thought about investing in one of those lamps, i think it could definitely be beneficial!


  4. The coaching part of your course sounds interesting – will there be any “role play” ? ie “acting out” talking to someone about nutrition or is it all written assignments? Anyway – I hope you enjoy it!
    I guess my goals for this month are to use my time more effectively – too many times I start on something and end up going off on a tangent so the original task doesn’t get completed……either that or I end up spending way too long doing one thing, so that I have to change.
    To do more baking – something I have done a lot less of recently and when I have done it I remember how much I enjoy it, so to do more of that in the future!
    To cook and try new foods – recently I have got stuck in a bit of a rut, just making the same things week in week out, so I want to change that.
    To begin buying things for Christmas – presents if I see something that someone will like and also to start buying a couple of food items each week. This makes it so much easier as there are no last minute panics to buy anything!
    And, like you, to keep active and happy. It is hard to stay motivated when its cold and dark outside but I also know that making that effort to get outside in the fresh air makes me feel 100% better afterwards.
    I think those special lamps you can get to help with the symptoms of SAD are very good. Maybe you should consider getting one to ease your symptoms? Apparantly they are not intrusive, in that you can just have them on your desk whilst you work or watch tv so maybe it would be worth a try? I have heard some very good reports about them.
    I agree this year seems to have flown by, especially this time since summer ended. Its hard to believe its Christmas next month already! Hope you have a good “end of the year” and mange to achieve your goals!


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