Inspirational vegan accounts/people i follow online

I thought i would share some of my favourite and inspiration vegan accounts/people i follow online!

*In no particular order, just as i found them when searching through my different social media!*

Of course Hotforfood & Lauren Toyota . The recipes on Hotforfood are incredible and i remember watching their videos even before i  went vegan. Also i love how Lauren (the creator behind Hotforfood) talks about veganism and how open she is and has the same opinion as me – that maybe not everyone can or will go vegan – but we can keep inspiring others! If you want vegan food inspiration, hotforfood is recommended, and of course their instagram! I am also looking forward to the release of their cookbook!

LivB creates easy and delicious and very good looking food! I must admit, i sometimes watch her video while warming up on the treadmill because they are around 10 minutes (so perfect to watch one youtube video!) and the recipes are usually very easy to make which i love!! Also her instagram HERE! She shows simple and easy vegan junk food (and health food!) and makes me want to create a vegan food youtube as well and create as good looking food as her, haha!

Naturally Stefanie – vegan fitness girl from Scotland. I love following her vlogs but also her food looks so good, but i just love following her life in all honesty! I love her hauls with vegan products as well. She is a great inspiration to show that vegans don’t have to be weak, and can infact build muscle and get stronger. So i highly recommend following her on Youtube and instagram! Not to mention she seems to have such a balanced and healthy relationship with food which i LOVE, so many fitness people have a weird relationship with food which just gets tiring after a while.

Jon Venus – Vegan fitness (was a body builder). He shares vlogs, lifestyle, training, food and he gives some great “fitness vegan food” as well as his talks and advice about veganism is both educational and based on facts. So if you are interested in fitness and veganism you should definitely follow his account! Also the “reading vegan hate comments” videos are the best!! And his instagram HERE

James Aspey – If you want to educate yourself about veganism or remember why you are vegan i would highly recommend his youtube videos as well as his instagram . He is incredibly inspirational and always stays calm when different people try to argue against him also his speechs and talks with different people are a great way to remind yourself why you should be or are vegan!

Mic the Vegan – educational talks about veganism which i like to watch from time to time. .His account is rather new for so i have only watched a few of his videos but so far i like them and they are both educational and entertaining with alot of facts! So if you want to learn more about veganism i would recommend his account!

Supreme Banana (i.e Cami). Her videos aren’t solely about veganism which i like but they are entertaining and i LOVE her veganized foods and testing different vegan foods at fast food places. So for entertainment with a bit of veganism and lifestyle her account is recommended!

And then there are people like Ida Warg, Kalel, Gracefit UK who are all vegan and sometimes make videos about veganism and what they ate…. so if you like vegan “what i eat in a day” you might want to check out their account. But they are mostly lifestyle which i like to follow! Also at times they do product hauls or show vegan products they have/have bought which i like, especially when it comes to make up/clothes/hair as i don’t have alot of information about different brands which are vegan so getting inspiration and seeing products that are vegan help me!


*In no particular order – just scrolled through the accounts i am following!*

Chocolate covered katie – her recipes look incredible and i have made alot of them in the past so i can highly recommend her recipes!!

Thriving on plants (Cherie) – her food photos look incredible as well as her captions!

Tumblinbumblincrumblincookie (Lin) – her food creations are INCREDIBLE and so mouthwatering, and i have actually followed her from the very beginning and followed her when she had a blog way back in the past haha! I am still wondering how she makes her food look so incredibly good!!

Ela vegan (Ela) – Her food and recipes always look so incredible, not to mention that she is increidbly kind and sweet and someone who interacts alot with her follows which is always a plus on instagram according to me!!

Plantbased_pixie (Pixie) – i am actually unsure if she is vegan or plantbased (hahah… but i am guessing she is plantbased from her IG name.) However she is a nutritionist and we have pretty much the same view and opinion on  nutrition.Against diets, against fake nutrition facts and false nutrition myths being spread and anti bullshit nutrition information. All about balanced eating and gives great nutrition advice, so if you want some healthy and balanced nutrition advice she is a great account to follow!

Naturally_nina_ (Nina) – Her food always looks incredible and she is a nutritionist in the making as well as suffering from diabetes type 1. So if you also have diabetes 1 her account might be interesting/helpful to follow, but also her texts and captions about self love, nutrition and health are always perfect. We have very similar beliefs and thoughts and you can never have enough balanced health activist vegan accounts to follow!

Allysongesch (Allyson), who is a dietician as welll as an ultra runner. Her food looks amazing but also her captions about self love, health, nutrition are perfect. Not to mention that her pictures when she goes on long runs is always very inspiring and makes me want to go out running – shows that you can infact be an ultra runner even as a vegan!!


There are of course MANY more amazing accounts on instagram, but then you will just have to look at who i am following. HERE . I like to follow people who are inspirational or write captions with reminders or advice. But also some accounts i follow just because their food looks amazing or because they have funny quotes or pictures. But my favourites are the ones that “add” something, i.e i mean it’s great that your food looks delicious but if its food that requires 100 different ingredients and takes 5 hours to make it is not realistic or so inspirational hahah.

So i am trying to remind myself that my posts should “add something” to peoples lives, so atleast a few times a week i want to add nutritional advice or answer questions or bring up topics or “real talks” on my instagram to add something to my followers lives so that it is not just a picture of food, hahah.

Do you have any good vegan accounts to follow online? Comment below!

P.s i am pretty sure i have forgotten alot of accounts or people i follow so i might make part 2, or just update this post over time!

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  1. How do you keep up with them all 🙂
    You`re right – some of the food pictures look amazing – vegan food is definitely not boring!


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