Vegan ricepudding recipe

November and the christmas food eating has begun! I am already craving beetroot salad and vegan “meat”balls and wondering what christmas cake i should make for Christmas, hahah. First up is my birthday and what birthday cake i want to make and eat, hahah.

Yesterday i posted a picture of my ricepudding bowl and got alot of people wondering what the recipe was, so i thought i would share it on here 🙂

I just bought a pacakge of ricepudding rice and used the recipe on there for inspiration, but of course changed the recipe a little!


Ingredients: 4 servings (or 2 portions for someone who is hungry!)

2dl (200ml) ricepudding rice

c.a 6dl water

c.a 6-7dl non dairy milk or oatcream (or 50/50)

1/2 teaspoon salt

Sugar/sweetener according to taste

Cinnamon/cardamom/stevia drops

Note, the original recipe is 4dl water and 7,5dl non dairy milk. But i didn’t have enough milk so had to use more water and also used 50/50 oatcream and oat milk. Adding oatcream makes it more creamy! Also you can use coconut milk which works great if you like coconut taste!

How to:

Place c.a 4dl (400ml) water into a large pot along with the 2dl rice and salt. Let boil under the lid for 10 minutes.

Turn down the heat to medium and add the rest of the liquid (water/non dairy milk/oat cream/coconut milk) as well as the sugar/sweetener/stevia drops. Mix every once in a while so that it doesn’t burn to the  bottom of the pain. However don’t stir too often as the rice needs to absorb the liquid and swell.  Let cook c.a 30-40 minutes. Add more liquid if it absorbs too quickly and the dry is still too dry. Also, turn down the heat as it could be too warm then.

Add cinnamon and more sweetener if necessary once done!

Can be stored in the fridge several days, but best eaten warm!

**Note, you can double the recipe to make 8 servings so that you have lots left over. However the cook time may be longer than and you may need to add more or less liquid under the cook time.


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  1. Could you write a post on ideas for Christmas food? I am racking my brain trying to think of something suitable to make that will suit non vegan diets as well – I don`t really want to end up making separate things but will if I have to. I know its early yet but its good to be prepared with these things! I know my partner will not budge about having roast turkey so its more about ideas for side dishes where the main Christmas meal is concerned, dessert and tea
    Any ideas would be great – what do you normally do for Christmas? Does your family eat the same as you or do you make separate dishes?


  2. BTW – rice pudding is delicious with either cinnamon or nutmeg sprinkled on top – or a naughty favourite of mine is strawberry jam stirred up into the rice so it goes all pink 🙂
    Your toppings look divine though – will have to try peanut butter and never thought to make it with coconut milk!


  3. oh and I forgot to add – if you bake the rice pudding in the oven rather than in a saucepan on the hob you get a gorgeous thick skin on top which is the best bit!


    1. Im actually going to try doing that 🙂


      1. oh you really should – the skin is amazing!


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