Vegan chocolate mugcake – Recipe

There seems to a national, international or world day for every type of food now a days. Mostly i think it’s a sell strategy that companies have implemented so that people buy their products. Mostly because all these “international/national food days” are very rarely fruit or vegetables and instead are cake, buns, nachos, pizza, burger etc

I’m not a huge fan on following these national food days, however when scrolling through my social media yesterday i was reminded that today, the 7th November 2017 it is Kladdkakansdag in Sweden, basically meaning the chocolate cake day. Of course when you just make food for yourself to eat and you already have a freezer filled with home made snickers bars, saffron buns, peanut butter cups then you don’t really feel like making a whole chocolate cake and freezing it in. There is only so much you can give away before people stop wanting hahah. So i had to resort to a one person chocolate cake, i.e a mug cake!

In the past i went through a period where i ate mugcake rather frequently, but then it was made with egg whites, protein powder and oats, which isn’t so vegan!!  Though i am sure i could make it vegan by using oatflour, vegan protein powder and aquafaba – so i will have to try that once i invest in some vegan protein powder!


Mugcakes are simple to make, require few and little ingredients meaning that you most likely have all of them at home already. However despite mugcakes being simple to make, there seems to be a rather high rate for them to fail!! I.e either they burn and turn out dry, or the outside is dry but the inside is still liquid, or there are clumps of baking powder or clumps of flour, or if you haven’t measured or used different ingredients then the risk of mugcake failure increases!! So my suggestion – follow the recipe if you want it to succeed!

I made a chocolate-coffee mugcake to celebrate Kladdkakansdag!


3 tbs flour

c.a 1 – 2tbs agave syrup (or other syrup like substance)

c.a 1tbs sweetener/sugar

2 tbs cacao powder

1/2 tsp baking powder

6tbs non dairy milk (note I did 4 tbs oat milk and 2 tbs ready made coffee!)

Mix all together in a bowl – and mix properly so there is no clumps and then pour into a large cup (which can stand the heat from the microwave) so that it is filled c.a 3/4. Then place into the microwave on c.a medium/high heat for 40-60 seconds. You may need longer time, but the mugcake should not turn out dry, it’s better that it is a little gooey on the inside than completely dry!

*Note, i doubled the recipe as i had such a large cup. However i wouldnt recommend that because it takes alot longer c.a 2 minutes for it to cook the whole way, but also that the bottom was still a little liquid while the rest was cooked perfectly. So i wouldn’t recommend doubling the recipe.

Note, you can add things like peanut butter into the mixture or use different flavourings such as vanilla, cinnamon or even mash bananas and add chocolate chips!

This is perfect to make if you have late night chocolate cravings! And there are recipes which use oat flour or gluten free flour instead of white flour and you can substitute sugar for sweetener or  use protein powder (however there is a much higher chance the mugcake turns out dry when you use protein powder. So if you want more protein just add protein rich toppings or how about you mix protein powder with water into a shake and pour it over the mugcake!). But this is a simple, delicious snack which doesn’t take long to make!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mug cakes are quite popular here – they even do a cake mix in the shops for them, although they take very little ingredients and most people have the basic foodstuffs already at home! I saw a cookery book on Amazon for cooking food in mugs – everything from scrambled egg to potato 🙂
    But if you just want a sweet treat and don`t want to cook a whole cake then mug cakes are ideal, and yours looks lovely!


  2. Conni says:

    Looks good!!


  3. Abigaile Van Hoorickx says:

    This was delicious! I added some Oppo Ice cream on top too. ❤


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