What i eat in a day – vegan

Yesterday was a day that i actually remember everything i ate, which is very rare for me, haha. But yesterday i posted almost everything i ate on Instagram – which makes it easier to remember. HOWEVER it is not something i want to do daily… i don’t want my social media to be a food diary or “what i eat in a day” everyday. 1) because how much people need is very individual and 2) how much a person eats varies from day to day, 3) it puts too much focus on food when life is so much more than food. It is easy to get obsessed with watching other people’s “what i eat in a day videos” or focusing too much on what people eat, and it is easy to pass the fine line of “entertaining/inspiring” to “Obsessed with food and what others are eating”.

Moving on, i just felt i needed to make that clear! But i might do full day of eating posts every now and then as it is one of the top requested posts… however that is also a little scary that it is requested so often and by so many.

Note… today was a restday and i had pretty much 0 food at home until i went food shopping after school.

Breakfast: Rice pudding, the remaining 1/2 banana, berries, oatmilk and the last of the peanut butter i mixed in. & an energy drink (even my coffee was al gone 😦 )IMG_20171109_100336_838.jpg

Snack: 1 home made snickers bar (after my lecture and before i went food shopping)

Lunch:  Pan fried tofu with oil, boiled brusselsprouts and broccoli, home made hummus, baked sweet potato with tahini and sriracha and half an avocado. (and a few left over chickpeas!)IMG_20171109_160527_476.jpg

Dinner:  Oven roasted broccoli, sweet corn, potatoes, chickpeas, edamame beans, boiled green lentils and some more veggies underneath. tomato/cream sauce on top!20171107_195239.jpg


Snack: Second portion of dinner (alot smaller) with a whole lot of hummus on top!


There you see how i ate yesterday when all i did was go to my lecture, food shop and then be at home and study/netflix!

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  1. How would you “veganize” garlic sauce/ketchup? Really want to have some but all the ones in the shops have whey powder/milk in them?


    1. It depends how you like the garlic sauce but using oat cream/oat creme fraiche and mixing to the right consistency and then either adding garlic salt or real garlic 🙂 And ketchup is usually vegan 🙂


      1. Thanks for this – going to get some oat cream and give it a try 🙂


  2. Laura Papp says:

    How do you not get caught up by the calories and how much food you eat at what time? I’m having extreme difficulty with this and when I find I’ve eaten something that I think is too much I feel awful and my mood for the full day changes and this is repeated each and every day. I think that compared to other people I eat such large portions and I don’t know what the acceptable portion sizes are. I have such food anxiety and I don’t know how to overcome it as my past binge eating disorder thoughts are mixing with my anorexic thoughts


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