Going to a health/fitness expo as a vegan

Before i went vegan i used to often go to the different health and fitness expos that were held in Stockholm. I loved trying the different protein bar samples, the protein ice cream, BCAA drinks and everything else that was “protein enriched”. One year i even worked at one of the biggest health/fitness expos, which i loved! However when i went vegan there wasn’t so much for me to try or see at those types of events and instead i got more excited about the fully vegan demos held each year. (And i went to a fully vegan expo in spring/summer this year). However as i got free tickets to a fitness/health demo i decided to join two of my friends who were going to the expo.

Lunch packed with me!

Considering that fitness is often associated with = protein enriched everything, BCAA everywhere and protein bars deluxe i came prepared with lunch and fruit packed, which i am thank ful for. Because as far as i could see, there was nothing vegan i could buy or even try. I was even skeptical to the BCAA drinks because often they have D3 which comes from animal products so without emailing a company to know what type of vitamins or where the amino acids are from it is hard to know if they are vegan or not. So i didn’t dare try those either.


However it was fun being there with my friends. We saw some crossfit workouts/competitions. We looked at all the different people. I recognized quite alot of people there but didn’t dare say “hi”, and i think a few people recognized me but didn’t dare say hi because i was with friends. Also my friend had the leading time for one of the competitions where you have your arms stretched out and hold weights in each hand for as long as you can, and her time was around 5min 50, which was incredible, and hopefully she wins the competition! As i had already worked out shoulders in the morning i wasn’t so keen on trying that competition, haha!

It was a fun day, but it was mostly fun because i was with friends. Now a days the health/fitness expos aren’t really  focused on vegans and a range of vegan products, so it is much better to go to fully vegan expos! However it is still inspiring to look at the different competitions that are held at the expos even if there isn’t so much you can try of the samples, but i think thats a good thing in a way because of all the bacteria from people trying the samples just sitting out!

In a few weeks i will be going to another fitness/health expo with friends but it will be alot bigger and more companies there so there might be more vegan products on sale/to try. But mostly it will just be fun to go with friends, and i’ll keep my food sampling days to the vegan expos!!



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  1. Katja says:

    Hi, I’ve been vegan for 3 months and you’ve helped me a lot. I live in Sweden (more in the south) and in the beginning of december me and my friend are going to fitness festivalen in Stockholm. I am mainly going there because of my friend and it will be a fun trip but I am worried that I won’t prepare myself enough. It will be hard because of all the tempations but I have to stand for what I belive in and not let anything destroy that. Do you think I should bring lunch?


    1. That’s amazing that you are vegan! I’ll be at the fitnessfestival as well, so if you see me it is just to say “hi” 🙂 Yes, i would bring lunch and snacks because i don’t think there will be so many vegan options to try. I haven’t checked which companies will be there but there will be alot of protein bars and protein drinks and protein ice cream made with whey or casein. However remember WHY you are vegan, why you have choosen to not eat dairy products or other animal products. When i was at the fitness expo yesterday i wasn’t tempted to try at all… i did ask what my friends thoughts about the bars and drinks, but i was fine not trying. Instead i was thinking about, “how can i make these vegan”? Or think when these type of bars and flavours will be sold as vegan!! Go there, be social and have fun… try the competitions, look at the exhibitors and have snacks prepared and just remember why you are vegan and then you won’t be tempted to try at all!


  2. Good to hear you had a nice time at the fitness expo – what a shame there weren’t any vegan products to try though, perhaps the next bigger one you go to will!
    I`ve just found out that there is a vegan fair being held in the nearest town to me today – the first of its kind to be held in town – so I thought I would go along to that today. I`m quite excited, I`ve never been to one before so its going to be a whole new experience!


    1. I love the vegan fairs or expos as you see different brands and companies you didn’t know where vegan, not to mention you get to try different vegan food! I hope you had a good time at the fair 🙂


      1. For a first time event it was surprisingly good – and very crowded! There were 60 + stalls and various displays, everything from local vegan food producers (which I never knew existed), clothes, jewlery, cosmetics – as well as food bars and animal awareness stalls. There were of course all the food samples too, which was great fun! I tried several different makes of chocolate – not available in the shops yet but you can buy directly on line , and brought some chocolate flavoured oatmilk which I tried and really liked.
        All in all it was a good afternoon out and a great way to spend a sunday!


      2. Sounds like a great day 🙂


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