Less workouts, more health?

During winter when it gets colder and darker my motivation for most things dwindles alot. Everything is harder and takes alot more motivation to do compared to in the summer, not to mention that i feel more tired and more anxious and when it is 4pm and it is dark and cold outside all i want to do is go to sleep. I know i am not alone in feeling this way.

However with the dark and cold and with the tiredness and anxiety i have also lost my appetite which of course leads to even less energy along with sleeping problems so my energy levels are not where they should be. All of this has left me working out, or atleast going to the gym less than i usually do. But you know what, i actually feel stronger and healthier even though i am working out less. Because when i do go to the gym it is because i feel fully motivated to do it and not just “because it fits into my schedule”, but because i have actively chosen to take myself to the gym because i want to lift weights. But also i have alot more recovery time between my workouts as it is not an everyday thing.

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Whenever i write about finding health and balance i mention that you need to find YOUR balance. But also be aware that balance can vary during different life stages… that sometimes you have more time to workout and other times you have less. Sometimes you have more time to plan meals and eat nutritious and other times you eat out more often. Sometimes you can sleep 8-10 hours each night and other times you only manage 6-7 hours, but you need to find YOUR balance at the stage in life you are in right now.

And for me, my balance with working out is going to the gym 3-4 times a week and then trying to go for walks the rest of the days. For me it is important to do some form of daily exercise not jus for my mental health but because it is therapeutic and for the sake of my CF. If i do no exercise at all my CF health decreases rapidly which was noted when i ended up sick with 2 different bacteria and had no energy to workout or even go for walks for c.a 2 weeks and that affected my CF health ALOT, and only now… weeks later have i managed to increase my lung function from those 2-3 weeks of no/little exercise.

Daily exercise is something i recommend to everybody as long as you are physically capable of it anyway. However physical exercise doesn’t have to be going to the gym everyday or going for a run everyday, it can infact be going for a walk or doing yoga or stretching or playing tennis with friends. It doesn’t have to be an intense and sweaty session each time which many think… just moving and using your body everyday is what is recommended.

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Some times in your life you have more energy, more time and more motivation to workout and then you workout more often and other times you have less time, less motivation, less energy and then you workout less. But trying to do some form of exercise everyday is recommended even if its just a 20 minute walk during your lunch break!

At the moment going to the gym less often is what is healthiest for me in my current life situation. Instead i feel like i need to save energy for other things in my life and like i usually say, if you can’t eat enough for your exercise level then you either need to eat more or exercise less… and well, when i have no appetite that results in exercising less as i don’t have the energy to do more. But that’s ok…. that’s how it is during autumn and winter!

Does anyone else feel this way during winter and autumn?

Also, do you listen to your body and workout less when you don’t feel motivated or do you force yourself to the gym anyway just out of habit?

I can say from experience that sometimes the best thing you can do for your health – if you come from a history of eating disorders and exercise addiction is actually to rest more! Don’t underestimate the importance of rest!! 

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