Left overs Sunday – Red lentil, sweet potato and bean soup

Sundays are usually the day of left overs for me where i use up what i have left from the different beans and lentils i have cooked up and usually only have a little red lentils or a little green lentils left. So it is all about getting creative with what i have left! Of course some weeks Sunday is the day i do one of my weekly shops (i usually do 2 big food shops a week as i can’t carry everything home at once and don’t have space to store a weeks worth of food at home). So then on those days, Sunday becomes the day i eat something new and different haha.

Today is the first snowfall where i live so all i was craving was a warm, hot meal and not the usual, “throw a bunch of cold beans and lentils and cold potatoes onto a plate/lunch box” and eat.

That resulted in a red lentil soup with sweet potato, black beans, chickpeas, sweet corn and broccoli topped with hummus and nutritional yeast!

It took about 20 minutes to prepare and cook, is warm and filling and if you make scones (which also take about 20-25 minutes) then you have a warm, filling, nutritious and delicious meal all within c.a 30 minutes! You can find a scones recipe HERE. Also i find that eating bread with soup makes it more filling as i often need 2-3 servings of soup to actually feel full… not to mention it is the perfect protein combining!!

Note, it is very hard to make soup look appetizing!

To make the soup i combined all the ingredients mentioned above (minus the hummus and nutritional yeast as that was added ontop of the soup) as well as two vegetable stocks. And then let it cook together. (Note, i chopped the sweet potato into cubes and the beans were pre cooked!).

Variations you can make to this soup are: 1) Add coconut cream or oatcream to make the soup more creamy. 2) Add more vegetables. 3) Skip the black beans and once everything is cooked you puree it and add some form of cream and you have more of a puree/creamed soup (then i would definitely recommend you add some croutons, seeds/nuts on top or eat with bread or raw food crackers!).

In winter warm meals are a must and soup is a great idea not to mention that if you are on a budget or are on a time press then you can make huge quantities of soup for very little cost!


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  1. Great way to use up odds and ends , I had a “leftover” day on Sunday too, just threw everything into a lasagne and covered with a cheese sauce – turned out surprisingly well 🙂
    If we get any snow here at all its not usually until late January/February – we never get a “white” Christmas!


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