How a day in my life looks

Today has been a day where the hours have just flown by and it is suddenly 18.40 and i am wondering where the day has gone! My days vary alot, somedays i am in school from 10.00-16.00 and then come home and rest/eat, otherdays i am just at home studying and don’t do much else and other days i have lots of errands to run and things to do, and days like today where i have done a bit of everything.

I am the type of person who likes to do alot all the time, always be busy but then have my evenings just to rest and relax, which is just how my day has been (i.e today has been a perfect day in my opinion!). Everyday varies, but this is how today has been so far:

C.a 8am wake up (i prefer to wake up around 6-7am, but finding it hard to wake in the morning and finding it hard to fall asleep in the evenings, so ive been waking around 8-9am most mornings!)

8-10: Get ready, drink coffee, eat some fruit, check my social media, listen to a podcast, pack and photo my lunch. (Today was a day i already had a post scheduled for the morning and i didn’t have any blogging inspiration so i didn’t write any posts – but that can take between 1-2 hours in the morning when i do that.)

10-12: Walk to the gym, workout, walk to the store.

12-13: Food shop, walk home, eat my prepared lunch.

13-15: Study.

15-19: Doing the laundry – Mean while in these 4 hours i have:

15-16.30Picked up a pacakge, finished studying, eaten a snack & photoed my snack

c.a 16.30-18.30: Meal prepped (post about my meal prep coming up) & listened to a podcast.

19.00: About to collect my laundry. Eat dinner.

19.30-20.30/21.00: Blog, check my social media, try to answer as my questions as i can in all my different social media

c.a 21-23: Watch youtube, shower, get ready for bed.

c.a 22.30/23: Try to fall asleep or put on a podcast to help me fall asleep!

And that is my Tuesday – a free day from school but been busy in other ways! I actually love days like this where i am productive and get things done from morning to evening!

Whats your idea of th eperfect “regular” day? Long sleep in? Busy? Resting/relaxed? Are you most productive in the mornings or evenings?

Let me know if you like these types of posts!!


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  1. I love these kind of posts! Or maybe I`m just nosey 🙂
    I`m definitely a “morning” person – early mornings are when I`ve got the most energy and enthuisism for the day ahead and its when I get most things done eg meal prepping, errands, housework etc. Not to mention going for a walk! I like days where I am busy and occupied doing things. I hate days where there is nothing planned or time just drags. To me that is a “waste” of a day! I like having routines and knowing that I have got things done – then I can relax with some “me time”. My evenings are pretty restfull, more so in the winter when it gets dark at around 4.00 as by then I don`t feel like doing a great deal. I definitely am not a “night” person 🙂
    So my perfect day? One that is busy and productive for sure. I have never been the type of person to enjoy lie-ins or to spend the day watching tv in my pyjamas!


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