Vegan meal prep – tips & ideas

When people think of meal prep they usually think of meal boxes filled with the same lunch for a whole week, or maybe if you really have the patience it is a variation of 3 different meals you eat the whole week. That can be tiring and boring if you are someone who needs alot of variation.

When i meal prep i don’t make “ready to go” meal boxes, instead i meal prep lots of ingredients which i can then use to create new, simple dishes when it is time to eat. Or just to throw together into a bowl or on a plate and ready to eat. I also have sauces and hummus ready to top my food with, not to mention lots of frozen vegetables which just need to be heated. This is how I like to meal prep – everyone is different, but this is another way to meal prep 🙂


The food should last around 5-7 days in the fridge as long as it is kept cold! And remember to cook how many portions YOU need and for how many days you want the food to last!

Meal prep ideas:
Boil green lentils and red lentils – Ready to mix into salads or eat as they are!

Roast potatoes and vegetables in the oven – note, it’s best to only make enough to last for 1-3 days as the vegetables and potatoes can get a little dry and unappetizing after about 3 days.

Soak and boil beans – soak time around 12 hours and cook time 1-3 hours. Perfect to freeze and just take out when you want to use or eat them. Not to mention you can make alot of hummus from the beans you have soaked and cooked yourself and the hummus can last several days/several meals!

Boil pasta and make pasta salad which you eat cold. Add example, tofu, vegetables (peas, sweet corn etc) and add vegan mayonnaise or other cold sauce to make it creamy.

Vegetable wok with tofu/soya piece – ex: vegetables, garlic, oil, oat cream, soya pieces – this is perfect to add to cold pasta salad or with the lentils or roasted potatoes.

Baked/fried tofu – can be prepared in many different ways. usually tastes best when eaten within 12-48 hours. So i wouldn’t make loads of it if you won’t eat it all within 2 days.

Prepare burgers/falafels etc which you can freeze and they last for several days/meal times. Optional, you just create the balls/burgers with the precooked beans/lentils/potatoes when you want them and season with whatever you are craving.(Because everything is already pre cooked it is just to mix it and fry/bake!)


Make a salad with ex: cucumber, tomatoes, sweet corn, beans and have that ready to add to your meals/lunch boxes.

Make soup or chilli – ex: Red lentils, oat cream, beans, vegetables, potatoes and can either make it as a chilli or puree it.

Prepare sauces such as: Peanut butter and sweet sour sauce, or a lemon-tahini sauce. Or even a garlic oat cream sauce!

This type of mealprep doesn’t have to be “specific” meals, just ingredients which then gives you more creativity when it is time to eat. Because even if it is that same ingredients you can add different sauces and seasonings or combine in different ways so it tastes different almost each meal! I like this type of meal prep anyway and it works for me!


Do you meal prep and if you do, how do you meal prep? Specific meals or like me, with ingredients?


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  1. Miriam says:

    Do you ever eat like “full dishes” like lasagna, fried rice, casseroles or pie etc? Or are you on some type of diet?


    1. No I’m not on a diet. But I live on my own*, and I just cook for myself and I’m not a fan of rice or lasagne or pies so I don’t make them for myself. But I have made actual dishes when I have friends/family/dates over. But when I eat on my own I mostly eat ingredients haha


      1. Miriam says:

        What? When you have made lasagna or pies before, you said they tasted amazing? XD haha I feel like a stalker knowing too much about you now.. Don’t you like thai food? Sushi? indian food? 😀


      2. Haha they do taste amazing when i make them, but not enough for me to want to eat them weekly 🙂 Yeah i like thai food and sushi but i’m not so big into really cooking as you can tell…. i just throw “ingredients” together. I.e i am not a recipe maker, but i am trying to atleast once a week make something else than just a throw together bowl. Example the red lentil and sweet potato soup (instead of just cooking up the food seperate and putting it in a bowl) 🙂 So the food i make i think is delicious and im planning to make falafels this week and sometimes i make bean burgers etc but i prefer just making simple food and then when i am at home with my parents i can make things like pies or lasagna or sushi 🙂


  2. I can see the sense behind doing your meal prep this way – it may take you some time initially but then you have ready made food (well almost) with very little further preparation for whenever you want it – and if you come home from a long day at uni the last thing you want or feel like doing is spending an hour or so cooking a meal from scratch, so yes I`d say your meal prep time is time well spent. You are so organized! I expect it works out cheaper too as you are not spending money on impulse buys or takeaways, you are planning what you are going to eat for the week.
    I definitely like the method you have and if I had your lifestyle I would probably do the same. I tend to do my meal prep for the day in the morning, get everything ready and the veggies prepared for what I am going to cook in the evening, then its just a matter of the actual cooking rather than all the rest of it. I also plan what I am going to eat then shop accordingly, I find it easier that way than to wander round a shop trying to think of what meals to make. If we are having something like lasagne or pies I will make those in the morning too and just pop them in the fridge until we need them, so where possible I cook ahead. I think I will try soaking and cooking my own beans though – at the moment I use tins because I wasn’t sure how long you could keep cooked beans for.


    1. Exactly, this is the type of meal prep that works for… me everyone is different 🙂 Some people like actual dishes and some can eat the same thing over and over for several days while others need a new dish everyday 🙂 I personally don’t find it so time consuming to meal prep this way because it’s just just chopping up the vegetables and letting the lentils and beans cook and then i can study or clean or do other things those 1-2 hours while it cooks. So if i were to meal prep with actual food dishes then i would need to spend 1-3 hours in the kitchen doing lots of different things and dishes, and that would be more time consuming.
      And thats a great idea preparing in the morning, i am always so forgetful in the morning and would find it hard to know what i want to eat for dinner when i have barely started my day hahah… sometimes i get cravings for a certain dish in the middle of the dya and then i just buy the ingredients to make that food! I usually write lists when food shopping as well, even if there are some spontaneous food shops during the week wheni get cravings for something, but you definitely save time and money when you know what food you are going to buy and make! I hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂


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