Vegan winter shoes 

The snow has arrived and that means time for winter shoes. Easier said than done especially when vegan. Of course it’s not as complicated as you think or as it may have been in the past, but often winter shoes and jackets can have animal products in/on them. For example leather on different parts of the shoe or glue that isn’t vegan (though if I’m honest, I’m not so strict about the glue part because it’s impossible to know without googling the company to find out). And winter jackets can have feathers (the small tiny feathers which can also be used in pillows and duvet), and fur. (You can read more about winter shoes HERE and see some other website tips)

Of course with a simple Google search of “winter shoes” you can find different companies and shoes and do price compares and find shoes that suit your style best. But i thought i would share some of the sites with vegan winter shoes i have found and been recommended! I personally haven’t bought any of the shoes from the different sites, and i’m waiting until black Friday and CyberMonday until i buy a pair of winter shoes (so hoping there will be good sales!)

First up, Vegetarian-shoes  there you are guaranteed that they are vegan and they have a whole range of winter and other shoes. However i would personally classify them as rather expensive and the shoes are a little bland and not my style. But it sure makes it easier to buy vegan shoes when the website is basically called that!

Wills vegan shoes – So far my favourite site with the most “my type” of winter shoes. However they look more like autumn shoes than “swedish winter, -20, snow blizzard” shoes!

Avesu vegan shoes – They ship internationally and more “my type” of shoe, i would recommend looking at this site as one of the first if you are looking for winter shoes (hopefully a good investment as the price range is rather high)

Vaga bond non animal collection – i was recommended this site by a follower and the shoes look similar to vegetarian shoes. I.e rather plain and black, and they look mostly like autumn shoes. But if you live in example England or Ireland or other countries where it gets colder but no snow, then i am sure those shoes will work well! Also i love when its a whole category and page dedicated to vegan shoes so that you don’t have to sit and try to figure out if the shoe is vegan or not according to the little information you are given in the description of the shoe.

Vegan Dr Martens – This is just one style of shoe and not alot of padding, but apparently they work rather well in autumn/winter, and if you like the style then it’s a good option!

Jambu Adventure vegan snow boot: A long boot with vegan faux fur and leather – looks both warm and works well against snow!

Daily shoes ankle faux fur boot: This shoe is more my style of winter boot, short, warm and looks ok! I was unsure if all of Dailyshoes are vegan, but it looks like many of them are. However they don’t ship to Sweden, and unsure which countries they do ship to.

Vegan store – Another site where you are sure that the shoes are vegan and a small range of different shoes!


Of course there are many different shoe sites and different shoe stores you can go to to buy your winter shoes. Just check to see what the shoes are made of as it should say in the description if it contains leather or real fur in any part of the shoe – though don’t be afraid to ask the sales person in the store if you are in an actual store.

Happy vegan winter shoe hunting* 🙂

p.s if you have any sites or shoe brands to recommend please comment below 🙂

Also note, it is NOT adlinks, i.e i don’t get commission or paid for the links – i just want to help you all out, but also for my own sake, haha!

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  1. M. says:

    Thank you so much for this, Izzy. I find this one really hard: I would very much like to buy vegan shoes, but I don’t think I could buy a pair that fit me without trying them on, and they are not available in the shops round me. In the past, as a vegetarian, I have mostly accepted compromise with practicality in areas like this. I realise some people would not call that a “compromise”. I am grateful for this list, even if I can’t really imagine it being practical to buy shoes online.


    1. I am glad you like the list 🙂 I actually buy all my shoes (apart from running shoes) online… it is a little risky with size and fit, but i feel rather anxious when shopping so online works for me. And many stores in Sweden have free returns so if they don’t fit i can just return them 🙂 I think you can only do your best and somethings just aren’t realistic or practical , so do what works for you 🙂


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Hope you manage to get yourself some good bargains on Black Friday – the shops are going rather crazy here with people queing up all night to be first in on opening! Is it a big thing in Sweden too?


    1. I don’t really like shopping in actual stores and definitely not when it is sales as i get so much anxiety and feel stressed when there are so many people, not to mention i don’t like shopping. However i have treated myself to some necessities online 🙂 Black Friday is a rather big thing online, i don’t know how it is in the actual stores… but the sales aren’t as crazy as they are in the U.S 🙂 Did you get anything on the sales 🙂


  3. I only really like going shopping when I know what I want to buy and which shops I want to go in – I dislike just aimisly trailing around shop to shop looking at things which I know some people enjoy doing! I tend to do a lot of shopping on- line too. Far better that way – no crowds to contend with!
    I didn’t really look for anything on line on Black Friday but today, Cyber Monday I intend to finish my Christmas shopping, so hopefully I`ll get some good bargains!


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