Bodystore – Black Friday sale – Products i use and recommendations

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Black Friday and that means lots of sales!

I am not a huge shopper, as you may know, but usually when it is sales i will buy the things i really need or want! is where i usually buy all my health foods and now when it is 20% off (use the code BLACK20) it is the perfect time to stock up! Below are some of the products i use and buy!

Bjäst flingor, 160 gram



Bjäst i.e nutritional yeast. I use a 160g pack within a week, haha so perfect to buy a few now!





Warriorblend Vanilla, 1 kg


SunWarrior plant based protein – this is one of the best tasting vegan protein powders i have tried and is worth the investment.






iChoc White Vanilla, 80 g

Ichoc – the best vegan chocolate! All of the flavours are amazing and are one of the cheaper vegan chocolates on the market!








AlgOmega3, 60 kapslar

This is the Vegan omega 3 i use(60 capsules are lasts c.a 2 months!)







2 x NICKS Bönpasta, 200 gram



One of the only bean pasta i like! (By Nicks) and it is now 2 for 52kr!







B12-Vitamin, 90 kapslar


B12 supplement – before changing to a multivitamin this was the b12 i took!





OmniVegan, 90 kapslar

If you want a vegan multi vitamin you can take OmniVegan (however if you find it hard to swallow or take pills i wouldnt recommend this one as it can leave you feeling nauseous as well as it is hard to swallow)





Superfruit Turmeric/Gurkmeja, 150 gThe turmeric i use for golden milk and turmeric oatmeal.







All of these products i use and recommend and maybe you will like them as well 🙂  If you do shop at don’t forget to use the code BLACK20 for 20% off 🙂

Let me know if you like posts like this with recommendations 🙂













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  1. These types of posts are really useful 🙂
    They sell black bean spaggetti in shops here too – what is it like? Is it worth buying? I haven’t tried it yet but was thinking of getting some, what is the texture like and is it easy to cook?


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