Health coaching – coaching practise and future goals – Life update!

Hello and good afternoon everyone 🙂

I am trying to find the balance with posting and as well as posting different material such as nutrition, veganism and also some personal posts. Even if i want to keep it most proffesional, it is still a blog and i know many perfer (and connect better to the blog, and person behind the blog) when there are some personal posts and information.  So time to time i’ll make these types of posts and life updates!

The struggle for me is that either i have nothing to write, or i get hit with creativity and write 10 posts which i just want to post all at the same time, but have to remind myself to schedule them throughout the next few days! That is why at times it is 2 posts a day and sometimes none becase of creativity and time!

So how is my life at the moment?

Well i have just finished 3 weeks of lectures in coaching where i have learnt ALOT and am extremely inspired and motivated at the moment. I have been doing alot of practical coaching as well which i love and it just gets easier each time i do it, as well as i feel more confident. I have realised that coaching is something i want to pursue so at the moment i am looking at how i can continue to grow and practise my coaching, and who knows…  by next year i might have my own business and start coaching people individually. So at the moment i am both studying for my test, writing assignments as well as trying to figure out this whole “start your own business and what qualifications do you need”, not to mention that taxes and pension are things i am looking into and considering. So it will be a journey with alot to learn, trial and error, mistakes made and things to learn from as well as investments and hopefully also growth in different areas in my life! I am ready to start using my knowledge and helping people and also getting paid for it, for once, haha!


It is also less than a week until my birthday (i have my test the same day, haha!). But i will be spending my birthday weekend with my family which i am looking forward to – and am actually going to make 1 or 2 birthday cakes which i am very excited for. Because it is not as fun to eat or make a cake when it is only you eating it!

What about other areas in my life? If you follow me on Instagram, you might have read my caption about exercise and my new found motivation. Well that is due to me focusing more on functionality with my workouts. For the past few years i have just focused on single muscle workouts and splitting my workouts into different muscle groups. But i have felt a little tired of it and realised its not the most practical form of exercising for me who just wants to have a healthy, strong and functional body. Instead the split muscle group workouts is mostly done by people who want to build muscle and then either focusing on certain muscle groups or exercises to build strength in those specific areas/exercises. So now i am focus on more whole body exercises, trying to stay injury free and incorporating more cardio and functionality into my workouts. I think the different style of workout which also includes more stretching has made me more motivated and excited to workout… i feel inspired to workout and see/feel progress now! Which is always good now in the winter months!


In general life is good. Just trying to make the best out of each day, appreciate each day and find balance with everything in my life. I love what i am doing and have goals to reach an dreams i want to make come true so i like working towards them! Trying to make time for everything and remember to live life and not just survive!!

This was my little life update for now, if you have any questions or queries just comment below 🙂

And i am trying my best to write about posts or topics you have recommended, but you can always remind me as sometimes i forget, or i begin writing a post but end up forgetting about it/not continuing until days later… so then you can just remind me, haha!


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  1. I think its great that you have found such motivation for your workouts and coaching! What exactly does the coaching involve? Is it like giving advice one-to-one with people?
    I hope you enjoy your new work out routines. When I wanted to aim for all over general fitness I signed up for aerobic classes and really enjoyed them. I used to go twice a week and its a great way of meeting new people! would you consider an exercise class or do you prefer to do your own thing?


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