5 steps to a more vegan lifestyle – Post series.


I thought i would start with a weekly series of “steps to make your life more vegan” with small changes you can make in your lifestyle that really aren’t so complicated. It can atleast be a first step towards a more vegan lifestyle, because at times it can seem overwhelming to change everything at once or go from 0 to 100. So maybe you can’t/don’t eat fully vegan at the moment but that is your goal, then along with eating more vegan you can make other steps in your lifestyle towards more vegan choices so that it isn’t so overwhelming.

Next time you need to buy new toothpaste, buy vegan toothpaste. (Some vegan brands to try)


Image result for vegan toothpaste

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I use Humble toothpaste:



Image result for humble toothpaste

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Also in Sweden Eldorado, a cheap toothbrush brand is vegan 🙂


Same goes for shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant (do you want me to make a post with some vegan brands/products?).


Next time you need to buy new household dishwasher, soap, washing powder buy vegan and cruelty free version.


If you use honey at home switch it to agave or similar. (Reasons why honey isn’t vegan HERE)


Next time you buy new make up, begin with ATLEAST making sure the brand is cruelty free – the next step after that can be making sure the product is vegan i.e no animal derivatives in the product. I.e cruelty free doesn’t automatically mean the product is vegan, HOWEVER vegan product automatically means it is cruelty free as well…. hope that makes sense. And you can see some CF/non CF brands HERE) There is a list with vegan brands HERE which you can look at 🙂Image result for vegan makeup

Also an extra one…. Now when it is winter and soon christmas, why not buy a vegan advents calender instead of one with dairy chocolate? Some examples below:


Image result for vegan advent calendar

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In my country these vegan options are usually quite expensive. So it is more economical for me to buy non vegan :/ How is it in Sweden?


    1. It depends some brands are more expensive others arent. However money isn’t everything I’d rather spend more money on something that is ethically better and doesn’t contribute to animal cruelty. Just like with vegan food, vegan substitutes are more expensive than the meat/dairy version but for me id much rather spend extra on vegan food than eat animal products. Everyone can make their own choice and of course not everyone can choose because of economical reasons. But I think as much as is possible you should choose vegan and cruelty free alternatives:)


  2. Lily says:

    I guess it’s also the other way round, like if the product says it doesn’t contain any animal derived ingredients, it can still ne tested on animals?And if a product says dermathologically tested, is it reasonable to think it was tested on animals?I guess the best is to buy cf and vegan certified products:D


    1. Yes exactly – and i would think so with the dermathologically tested, however i think sometimes it is tested on humans as well. Its a whole jungle with beauty products hahah, one of the reasons i don’t buy so many!


  3. caroljoanne1969 says:

    in my local supermarket I have noticed there is a wide range of “eco” friendly cleaning products – would it be safe to assume these are also cruelty free and vegan or is this just a different range? Does it actually say a product is vegan on the packaging or do you just have to go by brand name alone?


    1. Unfortunatly ecofriendly isnt the same as vegan or cruelty free. Not all brands that are vegan and CF have it labelled on them, however i am noticing that more household cleaning products are beginning to label their products with vegan if they are in fact vegan 🙂 With some googling i am sure you should be able to find some brands that are in your local store. I think LIDL or even the pound store (?) have a vegan washing powder and cleaning product… i’ll see if i can find the brand name!


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